Saturday, May 10, 2008

Pentecost Sunday

Tomorrow, or today already for many parts of the world is Pentecost Sunday. This is the day on which we remember the coming and outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the believers after Jesus' resurrection and ascension. Jesus from the Father baptizes the believers with and in the Holy Spirit. It is the birthday I take it of the Church, the Body of Christ in the world. It is the coming of the Spirit to empower God's people to be Jesus' witnesses all over the world. And to be Jesus' hands and feet, everything, Jesus' Body, present for each other, but to the goal of living as children of the light in the Lord which we are.

Of course it's personal: the Spirit is changing us who believe more and more into the resemblance of Jesus. And it's corporate: we're in this together as people of God in Jesus. We build each other up by the gifts the Spirit gives us. And it's missional: not for ourselves and our enjoyment, but to be Jesus by the Spirit, to the world, both individually and corporately as each of us prayerfully does our part in deed and word.

Pentecost Sunday. Oh how we need more of the Spirit in our lives. But let's remember also that we have the Spirit. Let's walk in the Spirit, learning to do so more and more. And be filled with the Spirit, speaking the truth as it is in Jesus, in love. This is why we're here; this is why the Spirit has come.

Be blessed in your worship tomorrow, as many of us and our churches celebrate the coming of the Holy Spirit.

What does this day mean to you? What would you like to share with us on this?


Anonymous said...

peace to you...
have a wonderful sunday.

Ted M. Gossard said...

Hope you had a wonderful Sunday, Nancy.

Rachel Mc said...

The Holy Spirit represents hope to me. The Holy Spirit gives me hope that I am not alone and I can make it one more day and most importantly, I matter. I matter to God and God is actively seeking me. The Holy Spitir is personal...I like that phrase and idea.
I am very thankful for you Ted.

Ted M. Gossard said...

Thanks for your encouragement.

And the Holy Spirit is with us, parakaletos, I think a transliteration of the word Jesus used for the Holy Spirit translated "comforter" or "helper" or "advocate", etc. means one who is alongside to help us. We have the ministry of the Spirit for us individually and corporately as a people of God together, and for the world through us and our lives, deeds and words- primarily.

Yes, Rachel, without the Spirit I wouldn't want to face this day or a new week, and indeed, I would be lost completely, anyhow.

Thanks be to God for the Holy Spirit!