Saturday, July 12, 2008

at a loss?

Sometimes we don't know what to do in a given situation. I have a particular case in mind, and it seems that after doing the same thing over and over, it is making little difference in this person's life. And I don't know what to do.

Not knowing what to do can mean that I'm no longer willing very well, to keep doing what we've been doing. It seems fruitless, though in itself, it's a good thing. And I know the person needs it. I also know it has its limitations, inherent in the practice itself, as well as in me, limited as I am. Yet I find that while prayer is important through this and everything else, it is also important to stay true to this person in a relationship, as well as to the good that can be done in that relationship and fellowship with him.

So I must strengthen my heart and my "hands" to continue on in the work I've been doing. More than just a work to be sure, as it's with a friend. But wanting to see God's breakthrough in his life, so that in Jesus, he can realize the good that the Lord has truly planted in his heart.

I know this is a bit nebulous, but from your own experience and thoughts on this, in relation to God's revealed will in Jesus, what would you like to add here?


NaNcY said...

your example is a bit hazy, i agree, however, i can relate to in in my relationship with my husband. i have to remember that it is not i that does the work in his heart, but, it is the Holy Spirit. there are times that i would like to see things how i would like them to be, but, i do not think it is good for me to dwell on that, because it takes me in the wrong direction. the best thing that i see to do is to refocus on resting in Jesus in faith.

Ted M. Gossard said...

I think you're right. And simply seeking to remain faithful to the calling of God to you from Scripture, in Jesus, for him. It certainly is God's needed work of grace for us all.

Rachel Mc said...

I usually don't know what to do or how to act with my ex husband. I have known him 30 years and we were married 22 years...and he is a complete stranger to me. His actions leave me speechless. especially when he disappoints his sons. I have prayed and talked to counselors and my pastor and the message I am getting is he has to make his own way, his own path. I am not responsible to help him or guide him. It isn't easy to stop being a wife after 22 years..or a best friend after 30 years. I no longer feel that I need to stay true to him or to see good in our relationship.....the hardest prayer I pray now, is to let God have me fall out of love with him, and ask God to help him find his way.
Probably doesn't follow your post...except that I think some people you have to surrender to can't help them.

Ted M. Gossard said...

"I think some people you have to surrender to can't help them."
Good point. Perhaps sometimes we can even hinder them, or more precisely, hinder God's working by getting in the way. As we surrender them to God, we then are helping them, or leaving room for God's working. And I think pointed prayers, like you share here, are helpful.

For me to pray those kind of prayers takes some time alone with God, but of course, I've gone through nothing of what you're speaking of here.

But I do agree that there are just some situations and people that we can't help at times, but whom God can help through others. And we can pray. I find it tricky even, as to how we pray. Because I can get so sucked in to trying to help them, or relating to them in a way that's not helpful for them.

I guess it takes sensitivity to God's leading which comes in significant part, from his people, as is true in your case.