Friday, July 11, 2008

pray as you go

I've discovered over and over again, how God honors prayer as we keep at it. My feelings or intellectual struggles make no difference in this at all. As I keep bringing myself to God, as well as requests in regard to responsibilities, I've seen God answer prayer.

It's good when we enter into a situation knowing we're utterly impoverished ourselves and in need of God. Sometimes I've felt good and inspired so as to enter a responsibility with little or no felt need for God, and so was left without much of a sense of God's help at all, if any, in it. But knowing I'm lost or empty myself, means I could find God's help, in answer to prayer.

So let's pray as we go. Pray all the time, not only for ourselves and God's will in our lives, but for others, and for all of us in Jesus. Let's keep at it. Then we will find God's good help, as we find our way in him.

What would you like to add here in thought or testimony on this?


NaNcY said...

i think that this is the best way i have ever heard this put.

pray even when we feel good and inspired or when we feel needy...for we are always in need of God's help no matter how we actually feel.

our senses, feelings, views of how things are or views of how things should be should not keep us from praying and relating with God all the time...for we need God all the time...and God wants for us to relate with Him in all.

wonderful! "pray as you go"

a good title and reminder.

see, here is how it is with me...
i understand things, and i have knowledge of things...but these things are fleeting ideas and only remain if i actually live them or contiually live them.

and i think that is where reminders from brothers and sisters come in by written notes like this and in verbal relationship. also, other brothers and sisters can be living reminders when they are remembering to live out the understanding and knowledge.

NaNcY said...

i need to learn how to use commas.

Ted M. Gossard said...

Andrew has an interesting post on commas, here.

Good thoughts. And thanks for the encouraging words. It is so important to seek to live the truth in Jesus by faith, when we "get it". But we also must endeavor to keep living the truth in Jesus by faith when we don't "get it", and for me not getting it that well, is true most of the time. Keeps me holding on, as we walk now by faith, and not by sight.

Mike said...

I just think we should pray in all circumstances and in all ways.

-bill said...

I'm trying to live a prayer saturated life, with my first response to situations that arise being prayer. It's not nearly as easy to do as it is to imagine. Still, I often feel this desire reshaping my thoughts and actions. Thanks for the encouragement to stay the course.


Every Square Inch said...

I love the very idea of praying as you go...although I confess prayer is a weakness in my life.

I suspect it's indicative of my self sufficient pride.

Ted M. Gossard said...

Yes, a prayer saturated life, and in your words right from Scripture. We should be people devoted to prayer.

Ted M. Gossard said...

Good practice on your part. Yes, even the efforts, as weak and faulty (on my part) as they may be, can end up shaping us in God. Good thought, as we often eschew and want to avoid all that doesn't come easy to us, and generally speaking, this kind of prayer life does not.

Ted M. Gossard said...

Your words remind me of the life of Charles Spurgeon, and how he was known to be breathing prayers as he went from one busy activity to another.

Yes, we have to learn to be more and more dependent. I do think, or guess, or imagine, that I'm more so this year than last year, and much more so now, than ten years ago. But it's a growing thing that is just a part of who you are, so that, like looking at a tree, it's hard to discern sometimes. And if I'm alive ten years from now, I surely hope I will have grown substantially more in this, as well, of course.

Part of our walk of faith, which certainly includes a deepening humility which helps us know ourselves and our need for God and his ongoing work in our lives, all the more!

NaNcY said...

that was a very interesting view on commas.

thank you, ted.

preacherman said...

I think pray is something really is something that does not come easy. We must as Christians make it a habit. We must look at the style and format of Jesus, the apostle and all the other scholars who prayed as an example on example for us to pray. I do pray believe the more we "pray as we go" the easier it becomes. The more we pray to God, empty our hearts, souls, strngths, minds, worries, frustrationsl to him the easier it becomes. We must understand that prayer helps us becomes. The most wonderful thing of all as we pray as we go the deeper our relation our relationship with God and Christ becomes. Ted you have done a wonder post brother. God bless you for address this great and important for us as Christians.

Ted M. Gossard said...

Thanks for your continual encouragement, and for your wonderful words added to this! Amen, brother.

And it's so wonderful to see you're "back on your feet." Have missed you, and am praying for you.

preacherman said...

I want to thank everyone for their wonderful and powerful prayers for my healing. You can read the update on my blog because my wife is better at discibing at what is going on than I am. I know that think is never enough at such times. Word an not express how I feel. Ya'll or you guys mean the world to me.