Thursday, July 10, 2008

back to what I'm used to

It may be in part because I'm tired and rather exhausted this week, due in no small part to lack of sleep early in the week for good reason. And with that exhaustion, or as a part of it, I have developed a minor case of depression or a kind of aimless spirit, especially apparent to me, today.

In the past I wrote how I had been reading alot of Scripture but was finding myself in a hurry to get it over with. Not good of course. So I quit that kind of reading altogether for awhile, being in the word some daily, but not at all like the past.

Now I realize I need to get back to my normal course of reading (as well as listening to) Scripture, though modified, and probably not set in stone, yet regular with only exceptional misses. It's back to what I'm used to. Or as David told King Saul, before he was to step out into battle against Goliath, "I'm not used to these," so he set aside Saul's armor and took his sling and five stones which he was used to, and in the name of the Lord, he slew that giant.

And it won't hurt for me to keep working on catching up on my sleep.


-bill said...

May God's Spirit flow through you and wash those blues away!

I've been experiencing almost the exact thing in my reading. It's amazing how God works on our hearts, isn't it?


Ted M. Gossard said...

Thanks, Bill. Blessings to you on your journey, and with your reading, as well.

Anonymous said...

i think you are a reading kind of person. maybe that is how God speaks to you.

but, sometimes when we go out to try something new, like exercise for instance, we can tend as humans to get out there and run instead of walk first, or lift weights that are too heavy to start with instead of making changes in smaller steps over a longer period of time.

quite often i think that small steps over the long haul how the Holy Spirit makes a vine growing that is not noticeable while it grows but is noticible over time that it is growing and changing.

i think that the Holy Spirit will make the important changes in you in that way.

Anonymous said...

i ment

...over the long haul IS how the Holy Spirit makes changes IN US.

Ted M. Gossard said...

Good point, and you do have me thinking a little. I need to incorporate the best from both worlds of endeavor in my present practice, I think.

But yes, reading is a non-negotiable for me. I have to keep at it, and do so as one living in God's presence or seeking to listen and hear God. And God will change me as I seek to remain before him, in Jesus, for sure.