Thursday, October 30, 2008

the dead places

There are times most everyday in our lives, in Jesus, in which there seem to be dead places. That can be for a good number of reasons, some which are our responsibility, and others which are just part of this present life and existence. They are inevitable, and they will come.

What I find though, is that over and over again, life becomes evident in and perhaps from these "dead" places. And life in surprising ways. Yesterday was an example of this; something unexpected to me, but life-giving and of God, even though at the moment I can't even recall what it was. But it was good.

Today I will enter into more dead places. In which the Spirit of God will have to hover over all the emptiness and formlessness to make something beautiful. It's important that we realize this, and look to God to do his good work, making what is beautiful in his time.

More dead places? Yes, I have plenty. But just more places for God in Jesus to do his good work, impacting my life and taking me "up" as a participant somehow, in what he is doing.

What would you like to share from your own life on this, or any thoughts?


Anonymous said...

i agree, the Holy Spirit makes life from our dead places...kind of like dead plants becoming mulch for a garden of strong and healthy plants.

L.L. Barkat said...

Like Fall putting life shoots into safe places for Spring.

sojourner said...

Hi! Came over from Nancy's blog. Like a kernel of popcorn. It can sit on the self for years and years. But when it is popped it provides a happy kind of dining. Especially when shared with a friend :0)

Ted M. Gossard said...

Yes, Nancy. Good example!

L.L., Good analogy as well. I like the idea of Spring right now. Don't mind Fall, or even Winter, but to see that life coming back after being dormant so long, is good.

Sojourner, Welcome. Very true. Though I'm not into popcorn that much, it's quite good at a movie or with a friend, as you say.