Tuesday, October 28, 2008

life in God

Life in God moves on; it's a living, dynamic, transforming reality. Of course this life is meant for all: from the Father, in Jesus, by the Spirit. We must first come to God through Jesus. And then we are swept up into this life, this torrent of love. It's a dynamic that won't let us go, if we will only keep ourselves in its life-giving flow. Maybe that's poetic, especially for me, but it is true in Jesus.

Even in the midst of the daily doldrums of life, in the midst of trial and error, in the midst of even failure, God's love in Jesus is present for us. This love, by grace through faith brings us into a new life, life in God. It's a life to be lived out forever, but it begins in this life, even in this present condition of sin and death. Ultimately to overcome all of that, as death is swallowed up through Jesus' resurrection life.

For me this is so very important. I'm as dependent on God through Jesus, as when I first came to God through Jesus by faith, that October day so long ago in 1973 (the 22nd). By the way, Deb came to Jesus just the day before, of course we would not meet until several years later, or marry until 1985. So 1973 has special meaning for us.

It really doesn't matter if we know the day we crossed from death to life. What does matter is whether we are living by faith in that life in God now. If we are, that can make all the difference in the world. We must continue in this grace, by faith, but as we do, God will see us through, and this life is of such a nature, that it will sweep others up with us, as we live it out, in Jesus.

What would you like to add to this?


Anonymous said...
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Ted M. Gossard said...

Not sure how "this email" of yours got on here (with a date at the end of it of 10-13-2002), but I am saving this on my computer, but deleting it here.

I do pray for your help and blessing in Jesus, in China.

Anonymous said...

dear brother

Jesus is
the way
of life

the Father
the Holy Spirit
in the midst
in us
with us
for us
before time

Ted M. Gossard said...

Thanks for your creative way and for your words in expressing the life we have in Jesus. So much there, and all so important, actually.

Sarko Sightings said...

When I went to help victims of Katrina I learned a very important lesson and that is God giveth and then he can taketh a way. Your right we don't know when our time is up but we need to count our blessings and make sure that we are right with the father. And may we pray for chen, shun-chuan to be blessed in china and may pray for nancy to learn how to write in regular sentences.