Monday, October 27, 2008


Deb and I saw the film, Fireproof, and we'd highly recommend it to anyone.

It's not a perfect film. There was one scene I thought they could have done without, though it didn't detract from the story. For those wondering about objectionable material, there was none of that. Its rating is PG due to the nature and seriousness of the subject matter.

The story is true to life, involving a husband and wife whose marriage is in deep trouble. Faith and God's help through Jesus are key in it. That is expressed in a commitment to Christ which involves a change of heart and doing what is right and God's will, even when there is no breakthrough.

The film will likely hit home to every viewer in one way or another, directly or indirectly. I would like to see a study guide prepared, perhaps by the pastor and pastoral staff of the church which was involved in the shooting of the film. I think these kind of movies can do plenty of good, but so much more when there is followup and encouragement to live out the truth found in the story.

Not everyone cries easily, but if you do, be prepared to do so in this one. I went open in the sense of expecting good, but came away surprised at just how good it was. So, again I'd recommend this film. Especially good for spouses who are struggling in their marriage, but good for us all.

Have any of you seen this film and what did you think?


preacherman said...

Fireproof is definately on my much see list. I can't wait to see it. My parents said they loved it. It was a wonderful must see movie for all engaged and married couples.

Ted M. Gossard said...

It is. I'm sure people can find faults with it. But the acting is good, well done. And the story is so very good, because it reflects real life quite well, I think. So that one ends up identifying right away, even if not on everything that is happening in it.

I do think this kind of thing usually does not do that much good long term unless there's some follow-up and commitment to work on living out the truth from Scripture related on it. Of course for many of us we probably know well enough already. We just need to be committed to living it out. (of course I know you already know all this I'm adding on!)

Thanks, brother.