Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

For us in the United States, it is Thanksgiving Day today. In Scripture one of God's indictments against humankind in our sin, is that we fail to give thanks to God. Scripture teaches us that every good gift ultimately comes from God, and that the problems of this life are traced back to the reality of a world that is fallen as well as awaiting the redemption and new creation to come in Jesus. To give thanks to God is most certainly an act of faith, and especially so in a world in which not all things are right or good.

Only in Jesus can we give thanks with the anticipation that God will make all wrongs right, and all things new and good in the end. And that by simple faith in Jesus, we can be a part and even facilitator of this new creation in Jesus beginning now. While we still richly enjoy all the gifts God has given us as part of this old creation. The best by far is yet to come, in Jesus!

I hope all those we know and love will end up being a part of that big celebration and life yet to come. That hand in hand, and heart to heart we will be together at that great celebration to come as we enter into a life we begin to have a glimmer and even experience of here and now in Jesus. A life which makes all the imitations we are so prone to wander toward and pursue in this life, pale in comparison. The end of the story helps us realize what we should be headed toward by simple faith in God through Jesus Christ.

What would you like to add to these thoughts?


-bill said...

As I reflect on the many reasons I have for being thankful, I am definitely moved to give God thanks and praise for your light and life. May God’s richest blessings continue flow through you to enlighten and enrich the lives of others.

Love in the Lord,
Bill Williams

Every Square Inch said...

Happy Thanksgiving, my friend. I've been very sporadic in my visits and my own blogging but it's mostly the season of significant workload that I'm under.

So, I'm thankful for the break!

Mama K said...

I found you from your comment on "Seedlings in Stone" (where I left a comment) which I found from Ann Voskamp's site. Checking your profile, I find you are just the other side of town from us! I want to read more of your writings, but family is pouring in my kitchen door right now. (-: Happy Thanksgiving. May pumpkin pie and good food, family love, and warmth, laughter, and all good holiday things delight your family today and give you a taste of God's love.

Mike said...

Happy Thanksgiving.

Ted M. Gossard said...

Thanks for your quite generous thought. And I think highly of you and your work in the Lord. I'm sure your life touches many in the blog world and beyond.

Ted M. Gossard said...



Hope you had a wonderful day yesterday, and that you are able to catch up on some needed rest and relaxation.

Ted M. Gossard said...

Mama K,

Good to meet you.

Yes, L.L.'s and Ann's site are both creative and wonderful.

Though I'm from Ohio, and my wife from Indiana, we like this area. A bit cold now, and does make one appreciate more the seasons. Though a wonderful beauty in the branches (and twigs) of the trees, as I was expressing to Deb yesterday in our traveling to Indiana.

Ted M. Gossard said...

You, too. Hope it's not too cold over there in Minnesota!

Anonymous said...

hi ted and deb!

hope you are enjoying all in indiana. we had a good trip there to see pops, my husband's father. yesterday we were at a friend's house. we have been invited there for a few years now, and see a couple of their friends there once a year.

i agree with bill, in that i am thankful for you and deb. ted, your sermons here are uplifting and a blessing to all in the Lord...and deb, your presence here is a joy. both of you shine God's light in this place.