Wednesday, November 05, 2008

a new president

Scot McKnight has posted a prayer for us for President-Elect of the United States, Barack Obama, and we in Jesus are called to pray for him and others. I liked Obama's call in his acceptance speech, for responsibility to be taken on the part of all. Obama has been gifted with some real strengths. Two chief influencers in his thinking are Abraham Lincoln and Reinhold Neibuhr. Their thinking is reflected in his thinking, and that's overall very good. And of course Obama is an astute and gifted thinker.

A major strength that comes from Neibuhr's influence on him, is a realism that sees trouble in this world as inevitable, as well as no "pie in the sky" or utopia possible here. This is not to say that in my belief, God's kingdom in Jesus can't make inroads even into governments, as well as changing people in conversion to Christ. It can and has. But trouble will always follow. And this will be so until Jesus returns and God's kingdom comes and God's will is done on earth, just as it is done in heaven, when heaven and earth become one.

For any of us who may have been opposed to Obama, let's grow in being people of prayer for him, as God calls us to be. As Obama said, he won't make everyone happy with all of his policies, and some of his acts will not get off the ground, while others will fail. There is plenty of hope for him, when I listen to him. I must say I have liked him for some time (true also of my wife, Deb). We really believe he does care about people, including those of us who don't see eye to eye with him on abortion (though there is good in his thoughts on that, as well). And it is in itself wonderful, to have an African-American as President.

So let's be in prayer, and let's take responsibility ourselves, rather than thinking so many things are up to the government, all echoes of Obama's acceptance speech last night, but more importantly, what God calls us to in Jesus.

What would you like to add to this?


preacherman said...

In hearing Obama talk about becomming president I have never heard a man running for the office that was that passionate about our country. It felt so good to vote so great voting yesterday. Knowing that my vote could make a difference in this very historic election. I personally like how he is going to be focusing on American. Dealing with what we need: Health Care, Rebuilding the cities that have been effected with hurricanes, bettering American's education, tax breaks for the middle class, bring our troop home from a war that was wrong and focusing on finding Bin Ladden. I think he is going to rebuild our reputation as a country has in the world with other nation. I feel like there is hope for all who have a dream. Anyone and in any race can become what they dream that they can become. There is no more excuse of race. No one can blame race for not achieving dreams. I believe this is a moment in history where racism has been swashed. In this election white, black, hispanic, asian, and countless other races came together to make a difference in our country. I know I am dreaming of much better days in america over the next four years. I believe as believers we should be praying for his leadership ability, God's strength and will be done. Thank you Ted for sharing this with us brother and allow us to share our thoughts. I hope you have a wonderful week!

lorenzothellama said...

Ted, I also find abortion horrific. However, I think it is still up to each individual woman to come to their own decisions.

What is even worse than legal abortion is what in England we call 'back street abortions' where terrified women go to some 'quack' to have a botched job done and then very often bleed to death, or become terribly infected and die, or are mutilated and cannot ever have children at a later date, or damage the foetis so later a disabled child is born.

The thought of abortion is awful, but I think it is not for us to judge the terrible dilemma that some women find themselves in.

I am also very opposed to the death penalty and I hope that soon this issue will be a thing of the past in the States.

I have now written up my 'impressions on Japan'. Thank you for inspiring me to do so!

Ted M. Gossard said...

Amen, brother. He seems to be a man of character as well as gifted. I just hope he remains humble and really depends on God and looks to God for wisdom. He certainly inherited a mess, all the way around, as I see it.

Ted M. Gossard said...

I largely concur with you on abortion. Better is Obama's thoughts if they follow through, as well as the "95/10" Democratic Initiative to reduce them 95% in 10 years, than the Republicans who milk this for themselves for decades, and do nothing about it. How many were saved during the last 8 years? Maybe none at all. Yet we go to Iraq and kill the precious lives and in a most brutal fashion of boys and girls and babies. What a mess and a catastrophe! Sanctity of life is more than just before the womb.

I'm opposed to the death penalty as well. And to wars like Iraq, which did not fit into even the just war theory.

I also temper all expectations, even as Obama would. We're just mere mortals, and while God works through such, we must be careful not to put such great confidence in any other, but only in God in Jesus. I think both the left and the right over here put too much faith in the political system, which though important, must wait for the only final, ultimate solution in Jesus.

Ted M. Gossard said...

Oh, and great to hear of your new posting, Lorenzo. Hopefully I can get over there before I have to go to work, but will get there soon.