Saturday, November 29, 2008

pressing further for a bigger gospel

Yesterday my post suggested that the gospel is bigger than only personal conversion. Of course we must not abandon that, and it's an important part of our mission, in fact it is fundamental to where the impact of the gospel begins. It begins for each of us in a new relationship with God through Christ and Christ's atoning work for us.

What Christ has done however, has bigger implications than only getting people saved, as important and vital as that is. Christ's atoning work is for the reconciliation of all of God's creation to fulfill the purposes of God. To the part of creation which rebels, there will be judgment. But reconciliation of all things to God through Christ, needs to be factored into what we see as our mission in Jesus today. It must always include the call to evangelize individual people, helping them see their need of Jesus as their Savior from sin. But it needs also to take into account God's work in bringing in the kingdom in Jesus to bear on all things in creation and in the culture and world of humankind.

Since the meaning of the gospel for many of us is only about people's personal relationship to God through Christ, as important as that is, oftentimes we evangelicals, or others are left with co-opting worldly measures in politics, etc. We need to work on bringing to bear the gospel on everything, even in this present life and existence. Not an easy task. While at the same time we don't lose sight of the call to evangelize so that people may put their trust in Christ as Savior and Lord.

Any thoughts here?

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