Saturday, November 15, 2008


If there's a major quality we need in life to help us live well, it's insight. Insight is akin or synonymous to wisdom, and there's a good portion of the Bible that is called, "wisdom literature."

Insight helps us have perspective on life. It's a gift given by God to all humankind, inherent in humans being made in God's image. And some are particularly good at it. But the gift is given further meaning in getting towards the meaning of existence when given from God in Jesus in and for the new creation. This distinction held true during old covenant times as well. The Ancient Near East had its sages, but in Israel the fear of the LORD was, and is the beginning of a wisdom that helps us towards living well in relationship to God, to others, to ourselves, and to God's good creation.

I think alot of my struggles come from lacking perspective. If I could only "see straight" at times, that would help me immensely. I find that as I keep committing my life to God through Jesus, I in time receive something of the insight I need. This is not easy. It requires desire and effort on our part, and not settling for easy answers, or for something less. And it requires an ongoing sense of dependence on God and interdependence on others.

What do you find about the importance of insight in your life? What value do you place on it? What motivates you to seek it? Or other thoughts on insight.

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