Friday, October 02, 2009

the apostolic mindset

Going through 2 Corinthians is again a fresh reminder of what life is all about for us in Jesus. Although we aren't apostles (not to say in some sense that there might be apostles today, I believe there surely are according to Ephesians 4, but none of the apostles in exactly the original sense) we follow in their train in our following of Jesus. For the Apostle Paul, this was not an easy train. And it was one beset with fears from within, as well as from circumstances. He and his companions even felt the sentence of death on themselves, but this helped them grow in their dependence on God, being cast on him.

As I noted yesterday, it seems like I've been going through a short season of fear, at least largely irrational. Usually I just press through it and more or less ignore it, and it goes away as I continue to seek to follow Jesus and simply go on with life. Though sometimes I investigate concerns I have. But no matter what I read I still have to come back to trusting God through it all.

The apostolic mindset is what we need to put on and live from. It's not about us, or about our comfort, wishes, desires, longevity, etc., etc., etc. But it's about Jesus and our witness for him, and our love for God by following Jesus, and our love for our neighbor as ourselves, for our brothers and sisters in Jesus, for our enemies, for everyone. It's about the kingdom of God come in Jesus, our participation in that, and from that to the world.

What have you found about this, or any thoughts related?

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