Thursday, October 15, 2009

wisdom comes slowly

God has promised wisdom for those who ask him and do not doubt his goodness. But we have to wait. We can get in the way of the wisdom God wants to give us in answer to our prayer about a particular matter or trial and then miss it altogether. Wisdom comes in its own time. And wisdom comes slowly.

Of course in a certain sense wisdom takes a lifetime. Our lives in a sense are a kind of testing, though God's testing of his people is to bring them along to full maturity as again we see in James. It is more like a growth toward maturity or analogous to advancing from one grade level to another. It is interesting that even Jesus grew in wisdom, though we should expect that since he became fully human.

It takes all of Scripture and all of life to gain the wisdom God wants and has for us. We want to shun the part that is unpleasant and not deal with it. And that ends up to our loss. Ecclesiastes imparts a certain kind of wisdom that Proverbs does not, and vice versa.

Wisdom comes slowly and I don't like that. Sometimes I'm restless and want wisdom now in regard to a particular situation. God will give it, but I must wait and receive it from him. Through prayer, and maybe through a passage in Scripture, or a friend or other person. I must keep my hands and heart open so to speak, knowing I need it and don't have it on my own. Ready to receive whatever God might be wanting to give me. And I can be a slow learner, and more like a no learner indeed.

There is certainly more to be said on gaining wisdom from Scripture.

What has God shown you about gaining wisdom? If we grow, or increase in wisdom over time, what does that say about where we are at now? Does that mean we shouldn't act with what wisdom we now have?


Anonymous said...

i think that we are all slow learners

Ted M. Gossard said...

nAncY, Probably so. I think as we continue to learn and gain wisdom we pick up speed in learning from God, because that is the better part of wisdom. You would at least think so.