Saturday, March 25, 2006

the eternal subordination of Christ and of women

I found this posting on Ben Witherington's blog to be both profoundly interesting, as well as profoundly disturbing. Suffice it to say that it does put a question mark for me on the understanding of the Trinity by evangelicals who adopt this position.

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Ted Gossard said...

I hope this post is not misunderstood as calling complementarians heretics. I see an egalitarianism of male/female and like to think through these difficult issues in which good Christians and good thinkers/scholars among them, disagree.

By the way, I have believed in an eternal subordination of the Son to the Father myself. Without any diminishing of the Deity of the Son. As a young Christian I was in a sect in which this belief was important. Even though I left that group many years ago, I did not leave eternal subordination of the Son to the Father behind. But I think I see in here, the error of this thinking.

This certainly is in no way a stand against complementarians. Most, I dare say, at least among scholars, surely have not adopted the position that has been taken here with reference to the Trinity to bolster their view of complementarianism.