Friday, March 24, 2006

a vision

God wants to give a vision of his kingdom to us all who are in the Jesus community. It's a vision where there will be much in common. Scripture (God's Story) and then under that tradition (the creeds and historical theology- how God has led his people) and reason (good Christian scholars and theologians; but we as well) all are important in this.

Experience is a tag along. It's important though, to be sure. It tells our story. And can even indicate where we're at in our life. But not as a basis for our lives. That must come from God's revelation to us in his Son and in Scripture. And as that is fleshed out to us in life, through our interaction with God's people and through our own wrestling with God as we face the issues of life. God's Story (which, of course, is true) needs to come in and give us a new story, as we see our identity and where we fit, in the big picture in God's ongoing Story.

So there is the vision God would give us that will be common to all, the vision of the kingdom of God come, in Jesus. But there is the sense of a vision that will be unique to each and every one of us. From the "greatest" to the "least". All will have something unique and important from God, as their vision from him. And this vision will include one's identity in God's kingdom Story in Jesus.

James had a great vision, and unique to him. He was a pastor. No nonsense. Much wisdom. Camel knees. A heart for prayer and faithfulness to God. Peter had a grandiose vision matching his personality. Big in heart and vital for our lives.

We need a vision together. That keeps us growing in community. And we need our unique visions that give strength to others as well as ourselves. To see us through the good times (often the most dangerous for our souls) and the bad times (that alas, can drag us down).

How do you see this? What does vision from God mean to you?

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