Wednesday, March 08, 2006

standing out, blending in

In the Jesus community all people have their unique part and place. In that sense all stand out. Some, to be sure are more hidden and less obvious as to their special part and place, than others. Others stick out, more in the open and obvious by who they are and their gift. But in reality all stand out to God. And those hidden are appreciated by those who know them behind the scenes.

As each does their part in the Jesus community, there is a blending in that goes on. The older I get, the more I realize how each person has something important for us all, from who they are and what they do. And that we're not in competition with each other. Sometimes we tend to look at it that way when we're around someone who has giftings in the same general category as ourselves. I have often thought, especially in the past, "Oh, if I only had that gift..." But what you and I have is just as special in its own God-given way as any one else's gift. Yes, some may be gifted more, but each is truly a gift from God and therefore good and perfect (James 1), because from him.

This standing out/blending in can almost become an art form. It includes give and take. And accepting the ebbs and flows of life that so make up the humanness of us all. But the bottom line needs to be that we accept our own participation in the mix, and accept the participation of others. And that in all of that, we seek to be the body of Christ to this world. Knowing we're here and together as those, so sent by God. Amen.

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