Thursday, March 09, 2006

the milk of human kindness

Have you ever noticed the lift experienced from the milk of human kindness?

Physically and emotionally tired and down. A long day, yes, in a Christian workplace....Then a couple of ladies from up front come. I am busy and see them out of the corner of my eye. Ordinarily I stop and acknowledge visitors touring through. But am too busy this time.

One of them, perhaps having the most important secretarial job in our place, seeks to get my attention. She is noting with a smile just how hot the mailings are when they've gone through the oven which seals the plastic over them. With a smile I point to the temperature reading of the oven. That exchange...the milk of human kindness.

That milk of human kindness. I could feel a lift in my spirits and it seemed I felt better physically. I had sensed an exchange with someone who considered me a friend, though I hardly know them. But just the lift I needed during a difficult day.

How much we need to lift each other up. To accept one another. To be friends with each other.

I want to be God's instrument of giving the milk of human kindness to others, especially as needed. Even in the blog world this can occur, or not occur. But how much more so in our everyday fully dimensional existence. Let's seek to be sensitive to others, and especially to God- so that we can give this milk especially to those who could use it. Amen.

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