Monday, March 13, 2006

the lift from the Jesus community

Often when I am getting ready to go to a gathering of the Jesus community, I don't feel like going. I can be more or less down, or struggling deep inside about something.

I've found that more often than not, going and being a part of what God is doing, during a gathering, is a lift to my spirits, and seems to dispel or lessen, at least for the time being, the trouble bothering me.

I find this same phenomenon too, when seeking to serve another in some capacity. Usually in a simple way. Yet Jesus seems, often, to be there with us. Sometimes especially looking back on it.

We are to be a lift to each other. Building up the Jesus community in love as each member does their work/thing.

Underrated quite often: below the music corporate worship time, below the sermon, below a teaching time. Yet if there is no room made for this element in the gathering, than one goes home having not given or taken from each other. A great loss. And more often than not, little lift.

In our gatherings we must be sure that there is opportunity made every time for all to participate in some way. Certainly in communicating with each other for a start.

Jesus ministers to us through each other. And through us to others. Do you have any testimonies as to how you see this as true in your experience in gathering and in your life? What are some ways we can facilitate this?


Nuno Barreto said...

Yes, without fellowship, we don't have a church, just a bunch of isolated vertical oriented christians. we should make an effort on improving that

Ted Gossard said...

Nuno Barreto

Our church fellowship does well in getting people involved in all kinds of ways. Including in the meetings themselves. Plus a time for interacting with each other. In which people really do reach out to one another. A good start there, I think.