Saturday, June 16, 2007

being much in Scripture

I don't know for the moment where I misplaced my copy of Bonhoeffer's Life Together. But in it he conveys the importance of being much in Scripture. He believed that Christians should spend more time in it than they are comfortable with, say at one sitting. That we should be reading it from cover to cover regularly. And he advocated focusing for days at a time on one passage, verse or even word, in light of that overall reading of Scripture.

Bohoeffer believed that it was important that in a sense we should not think we are "getting it" when reading Scripture, that we ought to be overwhelmed in a sense in our reading of it, since this can lead us to Christ, these words pointing us towards that final Word. Not that we're not to live in or according to the words of Scripture. But that Christ alone unlocks the true meaning of where all of this is going. (surely my own words and thoughts added to that of Bonhoeffer's here, as I seek to make sense of this, myself)

I believe in being much in Scripture. In it we can pick up God's music and become aware more and more of the sound of his voice, in Christ as we live in this present existence. And we understand more and more the story of God that continues on with ever more happy endings (in the ends!).

Do these thoughts make you more curious to pick up that book (at the bookstore or library- haha, suggestion)? Of course there's alot more in it than this.

What's the downside of being in Scripture too much or better put, in the wrong ways? Or any thoughts you might add.


Every Square Inch said...

"we ought to be overwhelmed in a sense in our reading...'

Reminds me of Isaiah 66:2 where it speaks of the one upon whom God will look - the one who is humble and contrite in heart and who trembles at His word.

Ted Gossard said...

Yes, I think we ought to have a sense of it being beyond us so that we look to Christ as unlocking the door of entry for us (something of what Bonhoeffer was getting at), as well as that sense of awe, wonder and reverence before the revelation of God bringing us to see ourselves more as we really are in his light (like Isaiah 6).

Anonymous said...


Thanks for linking to in your post. We appreciate your support of the site. Let us know what we can do better.


"Life Together" is quite the read. It's so direct in it's ideas, but how can one argue with his stipulations for community?

Ted Gossard said...

Gavin, Yes, I linked Abunga through Scot McKnight's encouragement for us to do so, on his blog, "Jesus Creed".

"Life Together" is powerful, persuasive, penetrating and a number of other things, to be sure, all of which are good. And your point is a good one!