Sunday, June 10, 2007

Deb's step-mother with the Lord

Deb's step-mother, Treva Kauffman went to be with the Lord on Thursday. She is a dear, loving lady in the Lord and Deb's father will miss her, along with her family and friends. It just makes us look forward all the more to our grand reunion together, in Jesus.


Every Square Inch said...

My condolences - may the God of all comfort and the Father of mercies, comfort you in your sorrow.

Grace upon you, Deb and your extended family

Ted Gossard said...

ESI, Thanks so much.

We had, really, a wonderful and blessed time. Sometimes you catch a fuller glimpse of what you have when something or someone is gone. Treva is really a special lady in Jesus, in her faithfulness and love for the Lord and others. We look forward to our renewed fellowship with her again.

And it was a good service and time together.

Motu said...

My condolences as well to you and Deb and the whole family. Good byes are never easy.

Ted Gossard said...

Thanks, Monica.

I kept hearing her voice in my mind at different times. Just not the same without her loving spirit in God. It was good to learn more about her life today at the funeral, of God's faithfulness and of her walk and witness in Christ.

Nurses who looked after her in her last days at the hospital said that they wished they could have known her before. And she stated that she would not complain.

She is a gem, a jewel, a beautiful lady and person. A gift from God.

Ted Gossard said...

And in all that, just as human as the rest of us. That came through too. Human in ways that underscore the good as well as our struggle.

That makes such a life all the more blessed to us, in Jesus.