Saturday, June 02, 2007


Our daughter Tiffany graduated (when my new digital camera did a burp that I didn't resolve) and today we celebrate with a little party. This certainly marks a milestone in her life.

Most of life is process: day in and day out. We rarely see a day as life-changing. Rather our lives ordinarily change over time with many factors including our own decisions and habits involved.

I think it is good to mark certain times perhaps to see where we are in our lives, where God has brought us in our faith and practice. And we need to do this individually as well as communally. Good to do so in families and in ongoing community.

In Jesus there do seem to be some crowning moments. These are times when we can tell some things have come together in our lives, or moments when something unusual does happen, like Job moments. Or times we can mark as a community in Jesus in thanksgiving to God for where he has brought us.

I believe we need to see milestones in our lives, individually and in community in Jesus. This is all towards the goal of conformity to Jesus and living out the life of Jesus himself in this world and day after day.

I know there are certain breakthroughs I think I may be coming closer to that may provide new milestones in my own life. And in God this can certainly happen in surprising ways. Though in a true sense, each day should provide little milestones we can mark along the way as evident of God's goodness to us.

In what way might you be into milestones?


Allan R. Bevere said...

Congratulations to Tiffany on her graduation!

I really like the idea of milestones. You are so right that we tend not to notice the process of change in our lives, so it is important to mark the journey of life with important events along the way.

The older I get, the more significant these milestones become for me.

Ted Gossard said...

Allan, Thanks so much. I certainly echo you on that!


KM said...

Yeah, Ted -- congrats to your daughter and to the rest of your family. I know your prayers and encouragement (and money?!) helped her through. :-)
Milestones are indeed important. We are, after all, timebound for now and we need temporal reminders. Otherwise the crush of routine will -- *will* -- make us forget.
That's what the patriarch's altars were all about. And the Israelites' festivals and offerings. I believe it's part of what Sabbath is as well.
We need it all.

On that note, enjoy the celebrations; stretch them out as long as you can; and relish the cake! :-)

Ted Gossard said...

KM, I can't relish those goodies too much; yes I can.

But good point about the reminders God gives us in regular rhythm and ritual in life. And they're kind of there to point where we're going and what we're about in going there.


Cheryl said...

Yea!!!!!!!!!!!!Congrats to Tiffany!!!!!!!Milestones are important. You are so right. Another chapter in your life has begun for each of you.I like to look back at various milestones, and recognize the work God did in my life during that period, and how I grew. The milestones are like memorial stones to remind us of God's faithfulness, in the same way when the Israelites got stones inthe Jordan, one from each tribe, and set them up as a reminder of God's faithfulness. Praise God for His faithfulness to help us accomplish each milestone, and point us onward in our pilgrimage.

Ted Gossard said...

Cheryl, Yes. Great point about milestones pointing us onward in our journey. It reminds us of God's goodness to us in Jesus, and where we are going.

Great bringing in of that OT story in Joshua.