Saturday, June 09, 2007

a beautiful afternoon

I went to Aquinas College (Grand Rapids) today to play with my first, new digital camera, and primarily to spend some time going over Dietrich Bonhoeffer's Life Together (for the fourth time, maybe), this time slowly and prayerfully/meditatively. Deb is working so I was by myself and took another picture of myself to balance out the other one I put on the blog.

Aquinas is a beautiful campus, known for its trees and vast varieties of them. Here's a pic of some recent work they've done on their campus along with another showing more of the simple beauty there:


Alan Knox said...


Beautiful photos! Thank you!

Your post reminded me that I have a copy of Life Together which I have never read. I started reading it last night. So far, I'm excited about what I've read. My thinking about community has been very similar to his, but his writing is stretching me even beyond what I had been thinking. Thank you for mentioning this book!


Mark Goodyear said...

This picture is MUCH better, Ted! Thanks for sharing. And look at those tall trees. Down in the Texas hill country we have these things called "scrub oak."

We also grow tall juniper bushes and call them trees.

I really need to read Life Together...

(Sorry I haven't commented in awhile!)

Ted Gossard said...

Alan, I'm finding myself stretched to the breaking point and beyond in reading Bohoeffer, in "The Cost of Discipleship" (though he's grounded in grace, it did make me question whether I was a Christian) and particularly in "Life Together".

There are parts in "Life Together" I don't get or I may not see what he's getting at so as to question some of it, though in those parts it's well worth the effort to keep digging and pondering.

But there's plenty I do get to some extent, and it's that that I am compelled to work on before God in Christ in community in the world.

Ted Gossard said...

Mark (and Alan), Thanks with reference to the photos. It is fun so far, and should get only better as I have more opportunity to learn the ropes on it. But actually it takes good pics on its own with just very basic knowledge. Fun!

Those trees are wonderful. Easy for us here to take them for granted, I'm sure.

You'll enjoy "Life Together".