Saturday, April 26, 2008

a friend's blog, work, and troubles

I want to share about a blog I've sidelinked from a friend who is receiving medical treatment for cancer. Scott Steiner is exactly what this blog, Lessons from the Lathe depicts, since I've worked with him at RBC Ministries. He's a devout Christian who takes all his work seriously and does it all well, without compromise, to God's glory. He is discouraged right now, and could use our prayers and love. And he has a son-in-law in Kansas married to his oldest daughter (eight children in all) who is struggling with cancer and not doing well, in his twenties. It's a hard time for them.

You'll find his blog to be a blessing, and for those of us who might be interested and able, there is a most interesting product there to buy. So go there and check it out, and as you remember, please pray for Scot, his wife and children.


Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing.

Mike said...


Thanks for sharing. I was just praying about this.