Wednesday, April 30, 2008

trying to connect

A reminder that next Wednesday, May 7 I plan to begin blogging chapter by chapter weekly from L.L. Barkat's new book, Stone Crossings: Finding Grace in Hard and Hidden Places. We will begin with chapter 1, "Stepping Stones - conversion." If you don't order it, your local Christian bookstore may have it, or any bookstore. It's a great read and like the best books is good to take slow. Let's think together over it.

Yesterday I posted in the morning as I normally do lately, and received no comments throughout the day. In a way I don't care, but in another way I do. I don't keep track of who or how many people are coming to this blog: no site meter, though I realize there may be readers, and are, who don't always comment. But I do blog to share with others and this sharing is give and take.

Trying to connect with others is important for us in Jesus and somewhat related to the belated post I did last evening after erasing the morning post. It's kind of a mystery as to how it happens. I have a simple gift of sharing and try to do so in a straightforward, simple way, of my faith and our faith together in Jesus.

This reminds me of Paul's words in his zeal and passion to share Christ with others, how he had become all things to all people that he might by all possible means, save some. He did this in word and in deed I take it. Without sinning we need to get where people are, and appreciate the good there as well as listening to them and learning their perspective. So that we might be enabled by the Spirit to share Jesus with them as we seek to befriend them with no strings attached.

This is a meandering post, but what ways do you see helpful in trying to connect with others? Or any thoughts on this.


Rachel Mc said...

Ted, you put a lot of yourself, everyday, in your posts and I think I am being disrespectful when I don't comment. You are right, relationships are a give and take and after awhile, the giver can get discouraged if they never receive back. I am comparing this post to my prayer life. Some days I just drop into bed and haven't read the bible or really tried to connect with God, my thought being "God knows my day was bad, I'll catch up tomorrow". That is a very disrespectful attitude and for me, personally, God has been nothing short of blunt in answering my prayers and leading me to where I need to be. Last night was another where I dropped into bed and said, "God knows I'll pray better tomorrow" and then I read your your post this morning..reminding me that
relationships are a give and take, and I realize how much you of your self you put into this post..just as God has put all of himself into my life...and God was very blunt with the message I was to receive from your post this morning. Lesson learned.

L.L. Barkat said...

Sorry this seemed to make you feel sad. I can relate (really!), because this happens to me sometimes too. I chalk it up to a rhythm of the blogosphere... my community is perhaps quiet for a day, tired, or not sure what to say in response. Like any relationship, then, I try to look at the whole picture, comments over time. This helps me feel more settled and secure.

Anonymous said...

I read your blog almost daily along with Jesus Creed, and have for many months but have never left a comment....we're out here...never fear!
Have a great spring!

Anonymous said...

i am glad that you are going to be posting on a book.

i am starting to think
sharing = giving
though it is hard
to not expect
to receive

and a relationship
can = relating to
or it can also = relating with

and i would think
that another person
would have to at least
be listening
and have some sense
of understanding of what
is being related.

i think there is a
bit more in this...
as to say
there is something that
binds or ties or well,
that is

inter, meaning among, between.
action,(from agere) to do.

i think that there are many ways to interact

one way is by listening and then responding.

another is just looking at someone in the eyes...this often causes some kind of interaction.

even a a smile.
picking up something dropped for someone, etc.

sometimes something directly handed to someone can start interaction.

blogs are ok for interaction but i think that maybe they are more along the lines of thinking and sharing... which can sometimes be relating... and even more rare, actual interaction or connection.

Anonymous said...

maybe if one blog were shared by a few people that already meet and interact there...and the blog is a home to all...not a place that belongs to one author...then there is more of a soil there to grow interaction instead of people having to keep up with comments at several gardens. it is a lot of work to keep in contact. we can visit many blogs...but have time to actually interact with only so many.

thank God for prayer.
for that covers many things.

interaction with God...we would not want to leave God out of it now would we?

Anonymous said...

i wonder
it seems like lately
if i am looking for God to speak to me in all that i am hearing around me
and seeing around me
it seems to call
out for interaction with God
and with others
in other words
it causes interaction
to happen
and often
for God to be able to
interact with me
with others

but it takes
wanting to hear
and see
speaking to me

paying attention to this

it is


Anonymous said...

like if i hear a few words from a near by or passing by conversation...

even small
that might otherwise pass me by
or even
annoy me in my hurry

Ted M. Gossard said...

Thanks for sharing that.

I really hope no one thinks they need to comment, such isn't the case. And especially so every post, or even alot. No.

I think someone should comment only if they want to for some reason.

I am not a good blogger often in that I don't get to other people's blogs like I should most of the time. So there's two sides in what I'm saying here. :)

But I appreciate what you say. And what God is teaching you. Again, thanks for that sister, and please don't think you need to comment every post. Of course not.

And I deleted the original post Tuesday and did another not because I had no comments because some days I don't care, in fact most days I don't care how many I get. I just didn't like the post I did; if I would have thought it was alright I would have left it go, and funny thing, I wouldn't have posted this post. Such is life, so maybe it was all good.

Ted M. Gossard said...

Yes. Thanks for sharing that perspective with me and us. True.

Ted M. Gossard said...

Thanks, Anonymous.

Ted M. Gossard said...

Thanks for sharing. I appreciate your thoughts on interacting with God and others. Seeking to listen and really hear, then respond.

And good words about blogging. It certainly does have its limitations.