Wednesday, April 02, 2008

moving on

Someone somewhere, recently, in my reading, was stating how the bumbling of Christian in John Bunyan's The Pilgrim's Progress, is so different from the way Christians and Christianity is so often portrayed today. I think they have a good point. Too often the Christian life is made up to be rather simplistic, a kind of formulaic endeavor, that if one just does this and that, they'll succeed. This is an indication, in part, of modernism's grip on us. The Biblical picture takes us beyond modernism and postmodernism and all the world views, which with all the good and bad in them each, essentially at their heart are not of God, or in line with the Story of God.

Moving on means we have to accept reality, and call sin sin in our lives, confess them- as well as when we don't do that well in a new situation or testing, to learn from that, and learn to do better.

I like Michael Card's album, The Hidden Face of God, because I think it flies in the face of the assumption that everything should be clean, cut and pasted well in our lives, so that we are Mr., Mrs., Miss or Ms. "Have-it-all-together". Not so at all. We keep moving on in a dynamic of God on a journey, in which we have, oh so much to learn. We'd better quit pretending otherwise, and get on with it.

What might you add to these few words on our pilgrimage in this world?


L.L. Barkat said...

I've not heard that album, but I love his music. Hmmm... time to make a little purchase. : )

Anonymous said...

we finally got some sun here today!


Every Square Inch said...

I love Michael Card...used to listen to him all the time. I'm not really familiar with Hidden Face.

Ted M. Gossard said...

L.L., and ESI,

Good album. Cut in the tradition that there are often no easy answers to what we're going through in this life, and yet facing our own sin in the darkness we face so we can find God's grace, aside from just normal darkness encountered in this existence.

Has normal Michael Card fare in music and jazz as well. The music has grown on me, and the message I think is helpful and needed.

Ted M. Gossard said...

We know what it's like to have cloudy days here in West Michigan. We get alot of them due to the lake, similar to your situation there, I guess.

So we love the sunny days when they come, too.

Anonymous said...

we get rain and clouds most of the winter. like living in a wet grey sock here in the valley. it is much as you say here the ocean and there the lake.

i had a hard time containing my appreciation of the sunny weather.

The Walk said...

Good thoughts. As a culture, we have simplified the Christian journey, so that we expect it to be easily traveled in one thirty-minute television episode. When Christianity is portrayed like this, I think it makes it tougher and more discouraging for people when temptations and troubles do come, because they come as a surprise.

Ted M. Gossard said...

The Walk,

Very true. We need the complexity we find in Scripture. Things don't work out the way we would like, or even think they should, quite often. But that shouldn't surprise us, if we're in the Book.

The problem is that success and everything working out to people's liking is engrained in us from our culture. And so that can be carried into our Christianity. And in how we read the Bible.

I like the realism found in Scripture, because it mirrors real life. But in it we also find faith and the real God, in Jesus.