Saturday, April 05, 2008

what would Jesus do?

What would Jesus do if he were here today? This reminds me of the seven letters to the churches in the Revelation. I think it would be shocking to most of us in some way. In fact I don't think what Jesus would do would be that predictable. After all, Jesus knows just what we need at the time. And what we need today may not be what we need tomorrow. But I'll try, hopefully not foolishly.

I think Jesus would reach out to the gay community, not condoning sin, but befriending them. And I think Jesus would rebuke Christians who spend alot of time trying to legislate against the gay agenda or at least the way in which some often make their point. I think Jesus would rebuke both the religious right and the religious left, here in America. And I think he would challenge churches to be committed to the kingdom of God and the holy nation they're a part of, and beware of a nationalism which puts national interest first, often at the expense of God's kingdom in Jesus.

I think Jesus would have a very sobering talk with me, and I think I would have many tears, yet when it's all said and done, I think I would be most encouraged, knowing of his full love for me. And I would be challenged to follow him much more closely in my life, and to do so more in the fellowship of believers, seeing Jesus in each other, loving each other just as Jesus loved his disciples when he was here on earth, even to the Cross.

The fact is Jesus is with us by the Holy Spirit. And we have the word of God, and we have each other in Jesus. Let's be in prayer that he will speak to us, and move us to know and do God's good will. Let's be open to rebuke, correction and change, from the inside out. Let's commit ourselves to following him to the very end.

I know I'm slack on talking directly about mission here. What can we add to this, do you think?


Andrew said...

Have you read The Brothers Karamazov? I haven't, but I hear that portions of it are Dostoyevsky's portrayal of a return of Jesus to visit the Church leaders, who insist he must leave because people can't handle the freedoms of grace.

Ted M. Gossard said...

Very interesting.

One of the numerous regrets I have in my life is not having read the classics worth a nickle. I even got that to hear from our public library but still didn't get thought it! While you're young, keep reading the way you are. You sound so much better rounded than me in reading.

I read slowly (usually) and lack time, but it's probably my favorite thing to do other than the normal things in life we all do.


And about not handling the freedoms of grace, how true! Yet that is the only way we'll really experience true freedom to become in Jesus what God intends for us in the new creation.