Friday, August 15, 2008

keep reading

We can be discouraged because we can see ourselves as not good readers, and thus we can fail to read, period, or do alot less reading then we should. Or we can pick up a book and lose interest in it, or have trouble finishing books we actually like. Or we can be slow readers. True of me, the best books I want to read slowly, though sometimes you can get caught up and carried along by a page turner!

I've been guilty and am guilty at times of all the above. But I've learned over the years not to let that discourage me. There is nothing I'd rather do every day than read. Doesn't have to be a long read, but I enjoy reading. We need to be encouraged to keep at it, as a part of fulfilling the Jesus Creed in seeking to love God with all our minds.

Above all, we need to keep reading or hearing God's word, Scripture. This is a Book we need to get into, as well as it getting into us. Like Eugene Peterson reminds us from Scripture, We're to eat this Book!

How is reading clearly beneficial to you? And how can reading be a pitfall to us?


Anonymous said...

i am glad that i know how to read. i am thankful that i have sight. though, sight can fade, and we can not always feel good enough to read. so it being able, is a blessing. a gift. and we can share this gift with those that can no longer read or do not feel good enough to read for themselves. even saying one verse could mean a lot to someone.

then again, even a word of encouragement is a wonderful thing to hear.

as far as the pitfall, i can not say right now. but, i think that God can lead us out of the pit falls.

Mike said...

I remember a fellow believer once telling me he didn't read for enjoyment but just for the purpose of spiritual growth.

My reading has been for both. I like to read things that really challenge me in a slow manner. At the top of this category, I would place Scripture. By reading slowly, I'm able to listen more. At the present time, this category also includes theology, christian ministry, spiritual growth, blogs, etc.

I also like to read novels that I can move through quickly. This category is for enjoyment but also helps me be a little more well rounded. Because I spend so much time in the serious stuff above, I don't really like having to think to much with these reads.

I believe both to be beneficial. As for the pitfalls, I can put a book/blog down if I feel like I'm wasting my time or if the author has a secret bias. In other words, I like to know up front from which angle the author is writing. I can disagree with someone and still learn from them.


Laure said...

eating God's Word ... makes my mouth water, ted!

Ted M. Gossard said...

I think we need to keep reading well, the amount is surely secondary to that. In fact we may not read nearly as well when we try to read too much.

But like you say, whatever pitfalls there are, God in his grace is there to help us out of them.

Ted M. Gossard said...

I think I'm completely on the same page as you, except that I'm weak in reading stuff just for enjoyment. Part of my problem there is being physcially tired and wanting to read so much more on the heavy end. Right now I have alot of books, some checked out of three different libraries, of which I won't finish all of them. And stuff of my own, as well.

But I need to find some good reads and learn to find the place for lighter reading which you speak of, which I think is good for us.

Ted M. Gossard said...

Amen, Laure. Our hunger should never wane for that! If it does, time to check up on our spiritual health.