Monday, August 04, 2008

the need to persevere

I'm being refreshed in reading a number of books, and one of them, Kept by the Power of God, by I.Howard Marshall, I'm finding helpful right now. A Scottish scholar, Marshall shows us exegetically from Scripture the real danger that exists if believers in Jesus don't keep going forward in growth in grace. He proposes from Scripture that if we don't go forward, we will go backward, and we're in danger of losing what we once had- our salvation. Particularly in his work on the book of Hebrews, I think Marshall presents a compelling case for his thesis. I'm not done with the book yet, but I'm enjoying it because I think it brings out what so many, in one way or another, negate. And reading other books at the same time helps me avoid being suffocated by the difficult subject matter.

Any thoughts on this?


Rachel Mc said...

I have started reading "Chrysalis" by Alan Jamieson, for the Jesus Creed blog. One of this first lines I underlined defines the christian faith "It is a journey that is begun but not often completed. It is a journey too often aborted." I think this book will be good for me, because I am in a "slump", and I need to be charged and keep persevering.

Every Square Inch said...

Growing as a Christian is like paddling upstream - if we keep paddling, we make progress, if we stop, we inevitably fall behind and get swept away

Diane said...

Interesting and runs counter to some once saved, always saved theologies ...

Ted, I'm Diane for Jesus Creed, and have decided to plunge into a meme-ing adventure and invite you to be part of it. Please go to

Ted M. Gossard said...

I'm so glad you got hold of that book. Very good! Wish my budget allowed that. But "Jesus Creed" is a great place to interact with such books- alot of interesting and good people over there. And of course Scot is great in priming the pump, has a great heart and mind, as well.

I think we need the Body of Christ to get us through, or help us get out of our slumps and back on track and tracking. Prayer from our lady pastor at church on Sunday (her husband is our other pastor) has helped me, alot.

I'll be following that series on "Jesus Creed" with interest, even though I'm sure I won't get the book by then, if ever.

Ted M. Gossard said...

Very true. And I think it's important that we get God's help through it all- like Spurgeon says- because God keeps us, we keep ourselves.

Ted M. Gossard said...

I think exegetically, it's hard to refute in the book of Hebrews. But I haven't completed it, yet.

Nice to have you stop by over here. I've read many of your comments over at "Jesus Creed", and find them always good and interesting.

I look forward to going over to your blog. Thanks!