Saturday, September 27, 2008


For me a powerful imagery of our life in Jesus involves following. We're called to follow Jesus, and part of that is to follow those who are closely following Jesus. You can't really do that in the blog world or through email. You need to do that in real life. Truth then being caught which is more how it's passed on, not just taught. Not to say we can't help each other in the venue of the internet.

I learn best from other people who have learned to follow Jesus. We need to see this in the writings of Paul and others in Scripture, as well as those who have passed on before us, like John of the Cross whose writings through David Hazard's paraphrase of them have impacted me lately.

Following means observing. Observing in this sense involves the work of the Spirit and the oneness we have in Jesus. And it involves nothing less than how we live. Jesus lived first, then taught. True for the first nearly thirty years of his life. And true in his ministry as well. It was more than what he did and said. It was something of who he was which captured people. Partly why Jesus asked his disciples who people said he was, and who they thought he was. Of course that involved mission, but it was about a love relationship with God and a new way to be human. Yes, Jesus is unique, no one is God and Human. But in Jesus we are to find what God intends for us all in the end, beginning now. Jesus is the way for us to God and to God's will for us in the new creation beginning now.

Let us learn to follow Jesus here, to the very end. Together, with those who are learning to do so.

What thoughts would you like to add to this?


Lanny said...

"Only let us live up to what we have already attained."

Amen to what you have said here this morning.

Sojourner said...

Hi! I came over from Nancy's place. It is very hard to follow when we think we know best. I especially like your point about observing because so much of what we learn comes from observing. And, if we do not learn what God lays out before us we won't be able to reflect his truths in our lives. I need to do more observing. Thanks for the reminder!

preacherman said...

Great thoughts.
Wonderful words for each of us.

Anonymous said...

i love the many ways that the Holy Spirit speaks truth to me.

like being able to open a Holy book full of writings from people of the past and have the Holy Spirit speak through the words, and to read here on the internet the writings of people like you, a believer in the present time, and to see the Holy Spirit speak through other people and their lives and words, then also to realize that the Holy Spirit speaks and works through me.

i do not understand how God speaks through everything and everyone...but, i have observed it...and i am not sure how God makes it aparent to me, but, He does. and i am thankful.

we need a continual relationship between God and our own being.

i do not have a clue how the Holy Spirit works, but i do know that He can speak to me in more ways than i usually expect. He is a continual surprise and delight.

sharing God's Love with others. having and using this time with other people to share His Love in this life, unfolding before our eyes, is such a blessing from God, and to be allowed to observe some of God's work in this is also a blessing.

i pray that we all continue to have people in our lives that are used to encourage us, and that we too can be used to encourage others; in this walk of following God in Jesus.

another thoughtful post from you, ted. thanks for taking the time to write it today.
have a good weekend, brother.

Litl-Luther said...

Good thoughts!

Hey Ted, have you ever heard of Ray Vander Laan? He has many excellent messages on what it means for a disciple to follow a rabbi. He gets into what it meant in Jesus' day to be asked by a rabbi to follow Him and what was involved: following the rabbi's every word, every step. Quite convicting stuff. I think you would enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

i just had a thought this moring since reading this post and the words that you express about blogging.

well, i don't know why,
but, i just feel i need to tell you

that if you ever leave blogging behind, i want you to know, that i appreciate your words and how you are used, and that in your going everything would be quite alright.

Ted M. Gossard said...


Welcome. Yes, we need to be open to learning through others who are walking with the Lord. Especially older ones or those who have done it longer than ourselves.


Yes. It is interesting how God uses us and what he uses in our lives. Thanks for all your thoughts, as well. And thanks for your final thought, as well.

Lt'l Luther, Yes, Ray Vander Laan is quite good. I've seen him on video once or twice and I was impressed. Thanks for sharing that.