Friday, September 19, 2008

nothing less than a new life

Yesterday I read another for me, helpful meditation from John of the Cross. I was reminded of the necessity of coveting but one thing: the attitude and mind of Christ, which comes from the eternal life found in Christ. If I'm living for anything else, whatever that may be, then I'm not only not living in the way of Jesus, but I'm actually living in opposition to the way of Jesus. This reminds me of "the hard sayings of Jesus," and is something we must face.

As the meditation reminded me, we can clamor after many things, even okay in themselves and in their place, though how we hold them in our hearts can be nothing less than idolatrous. Some things we may want are completely wrong. It seems that we tend to hold on to what is killing us. Instead, in Scripture we're told to put such things to death in Jesus, and to put on the new kind of life found in Jesus. And then to walk in this new life, by the Spirit.

This was refreshing to me, as I meditated on this passage of Scripture after reading that meditation from John of the Cross and David Hazard. It's a new kind of life which is not into finding one new experience after another. But instead finding an entirely new life of death and resurrection in Jesus. Living that out with each other and in mission to the world, in Jesus.

Read the meditation if you can get this book: "11 - Created Anew." But far better yet, read each meditation one day at a time.

What would you like to add to these few brief words?


Diane said...

"So you shall put away the evil from among you." Deut. 22:21.

Your post points out that we do this by cleaving close to Jesus. Always good to remember as we are tempted to stray!

NaNcY said...

the heart....

yes, the heart.

Deb said...

Good reminder to take up our cross and follow Jesus as found in Mt.10:38 and ff. - a death to self. As it has been said, " i must decrease; He must increase."

A good thought provoking post sweets!

Ted M. Gossard said...

Yes, what you say is quite simple, yet equally quite profound!

Ted M. Gossard said...

Yes. Good to think about where our treasures really are, because as Jesus said, that's where our hearts will be. Our hearts need to be steadfast with the Lord.

Ted M. Gossard said...

Good point, Honey. Yes, it's not us we want others to see, or us we want to be taken up with ourselves, but Him- Jesus! And God in Him.