Monday, September 22, 2008

inspiration and perspiration

We tend to think of inspiration as a sudden, clear and compelling light to our souls. And there's truth in that. I'm amazed at how much clearer everything can seem to be at certain times. Was true for me yesterday morning in our church gathering.

But I've also been amazed at the good I've seen that has come from sheer hard work. Of course prayer should be a part of that. But as we work on understanding God's revelation to us in Scripture in Jesus, so as to live it out, we can be helped in ways in which we may be amazed at, in looking back on it, later. Though when working through it, it may be more like a climbing of a mountain (and a steep, rocky one at that), involving hard work, with little appreciation of what we did.

Revelation from God can come in moments of special clarification, but more often comes through a ponderous, day by day endeavor to walk in the will and way of the Lord. And I think, frankly, most of Scripture was written with hard work involved. Though inspiration in Scripture is unique (God-breathed words through people carried along by the Holy Spirit), there is an ongoing inspiration given to God's people in proclaiming and living out the truth of God in Jesus in the world.

So let's not shun the times when it seems dark and most difficult. During such times we may end up writing or sharing something with God's help, which will bring light to others.

What would you like to share on this?


Anonymous said...

i like the title of this one.

Ted M. Gossard said...

Yeah, no use of the word perspiration in the post. But it was just a bit catchy, I was hoping I guess.