Monday, September 01, 2008


Truth is in a Person, but truth is propositional from God's word, as well. We see that time and time again in Scripture. This does not mean we know it all, or that we know anything perfectly, but it does means that by faith we can and will have certainty of truth revealed by God in words for our understanding. We believe and therefore we understand (Augustine). To assert as some are doing, that we really can't know anything, seems untrue to what God tells us in Scripture. And of course that logic falls apart. How can we really know, then, that we can't know anything? We can't on that logic. And logic isn't just from modernism, but it's a part of who we are as those made in God's image. Not to say we'll ever be able to put everything together. With God, surely some sort of mystery will remain forever.

In a modern/postmodern world, truth is in crisis. Along with Pilate, the mood and even belief today is, "What is truth?" But in Jesus and in God's word in Scripture we do have truth revealed from God. In a healthy emphasis on story, we must not leave history and truth behind. Because this is what the Story of God in Jesus found in Scripture, is grounded on. These things are really true, and really happened.

Any thoughts here you'd like to share?


Anonymous said...

God bless you and deb.

Ted M. Gossard said...

You, two, too, Nancy.

Anonymous said...

"In a modern/postmodern world, truth is in crisis."

Our society and world is experiencing the downward spiral created by lies...that all started in the Garden of Eden. Our flesh is all about preservation of self. May we all seek strength from the Great Truther to stand up for what's right.

Ted M. Gossard said...

Amen. I was just in that passage today, working on memorizing it. The same lie continues to this day. And it comes to us the same way. And it looks just as good and we're so easily taken in. With the same results.

Yes, I know Genesis 3 is the beginning of the fall, but we not only participate that way as Romans 5 makes clear, but we share in the same danger that "primeval pair" succumbed to. So it's worth pondering all the more for that reason, besides the fact that it's a foundational part of God's word.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I so agree. Everyday is an opportunity to rise above it all, by the Grace of God and reliance upon the Holy Spirit. I praise God daily for his Helper!!!