Thursday, March 12, 2009

caught up in

What are we caught up in?

There's just a multitude of things we can be caught up in, taken up with, living for. I am not referring to what we might call subsets of what is most important, such as caring for our families, or doing our job well. But what drives us, what motivates us in life.

Again, it's the Jesus Creed which should motivate our lives, by grace, in Jesus through the Spirit. Loving God and loving others as ourselves.

May God bring us back to this again and again each day, day after day, as long as we have breath in this life. That we might be caught up together in God's will for us in Jesus in God's working and mission in this world.

What would you like to add to these words?


Lanny said...

Amen. I say that a lot don't I? One word or one thousand and barely any thing in between! Have a glorious day. God is Mighty.

Ted M. Gossard said...

Yes. Amen! Same to you, and thanks.