Thursday, March 19, 2009

when afraid

The fear factor is a plague which can hit us in any number of ways in this life and world. It is a major tactic of choice by the enemy. One that can come on me in a moment seemingly out of nowhere. FDR for good reason said that we have nothing to fear, but fear itself. Though of course that was only true in context of what FDR was talking about. By itself it's really not true.

But for good reason there is no command more frequent in Scripture than the command, "Be not afraid." Over and over again we need those words to our hearts and minds. That is why we need to keep going over and over, time and again all of Scripture. It's all there for a reason, even if we can't figure out why, for everything we find there. But it's a story, the Story of God. A story that is ongoing and for us to keep living out now, in Jesus.

What do you do when you're afraid? Of course we should pray. We should turn to God anew and afresh. Reading God's word, and committing ourselves to follow God through Jesus by the Spirit and in community with others who so follow, all this in mission to the world.

One thing I do besides is get busy. For me that can mean any kind of work. But especially reading. I set myself to read and learn, or just breathe in a part of life from a writer. Though most of what I read is theological and exegetical, apart from a special interest I might have in something. This seems to help me. Though I would emphasize what helps me the most is to read God's word in a prayerful, pondering way (or keep listening to it, as I do also daily).

Talk over your fears with your spouse, significant other, or a good friend. That too can help, as they listen, maybe share some thoughts they might have, and pray for you. I again appreciate my wife in this regard.

We need God's help to get a better perspective, and above all, faith. Faith of course involves a better perspective which can enable us to rise above our fears. But I have often found I can't wait for such faith, or an escape from my fear. I just have to move on in faith, in spite of the fact that I am afraid, or feel lost. That is a major way I overcome my fears.

What would you like to share on this which might be helpful for us? Or anything?


nAncY said...

i am encouraged by what you say in your last paragraph about stepping-out in regards to faith. making the first step towards faith or in a wee bit of faith. and in that are helped.

Lanny said...

It is good that you have a lovely spouse who thinks you are mostly French. Perspective is the key. God's perspective that is.

Ted M. Gossard said...

Yes. It seems like a good share of the time that is how I end up breaking out of fear.

Ted M. Gossard said...

Amen on the perspective part. Yes, my wife thinks better of me than I do, much of the time. She is a blessing!