Saturday, May 16, 2009

God is in control

What God's sovereignty means is debated among Christian theologians and Bible students. I don't care to get into that debate here.

Sometimes in our lives, it seems life is out of control. Friends with cancer, the uncertainty of the economy and work, losing something you can't find, struggling with wrong attitudes or sin, and much more.

That God is in control means we can entrust ourselves and others into God's loving, powerful yet gentle, and wise hands. And we can be assured that God is at work in everything. Even when it seems all is lost or out of control.

At the same time in this working of God we have our part. God takes us up as humans into that working, through Jesus and by the Spirit. He wants us to find our rest in him, and from that proceed with him in his working in the world. And he wants us to do that together with others in Jesus.

I know I'm not in control. And that apart from grace I am out of control myself. But in Jesus we can find God's good will actively at work in our lives. I saw it in a little corrective way this morning, and it led to this post.

Anyone have anything they'd like to add on this?


nannykim said...

What a great and loving God we have--looking foward to hearing about your retreat time if it is something you can share when you get back. My prayers are with you both.

Anonymous said...

in Jesus we can find God's good will actively at work in our lives


Lanny said...

Good word.

Ted M. Gossard said...

Yes, it was a good time for us both. Thanks so much for your prayers. I imagine I'll be posting something on it.

We were using the grounds, and did what Covenant people would do on them, the one Roman Catholic thing we did was use a prayer labyrinth.

Ted M. Gossard said...

Yes. We need discernment especially when such working doesn't seem pleasant. And sometimes just sheer faith when we can't find God in it all.

Ted M. Gossard said...

Thanks. A word to me, for sure.

nannykim said...

I wanted to share this video with you--it is excellent. It is given by a lady who is 37 with cancer and has been given 6 weeks to live--given in March so she may have died. IT is a wonderful testimony, very encouraging, and full of wisdom: