Thursday, May 28, 2009

the Spirit's moving

Yesterday we had a powerful and for me convicting message from one of my very favorite chapel speakers, Doug Fagerstrom. From Acts 16 Doug shared with us how the Spirit directed Paul, stopping him twice in his tracks on the way to some special workings God was going to do. And then Doug shared with us how he and the seminary where he serves has gone through something like that, in the Lord's leading of them to help bring theological training into some needy places, in other countries and here.

I was gripped in hearing Doug speak, and intend to get the CD to relisten to it, as I think the Lord was speaking powerfully to us through his humble, seasoned servant.

It makes me wonder if I'm even much open to what God is doing and wants to do through the church we're a part of, as well as in my own day to day life. I do think there is an openness on my part at times, but I'm not enough in the stream of it.

A key word Doug brought out was that in this sequence of events, the word "we" is first penned in this part of the narrative of Paul's missionary journeys. God's work is to involve his people, working together in bringing the gospel and his love in Jesus to the world. This is how God works; he prepares someone, or something through someone somewhere, than someone else comes along from God to have something important to add. And this goes on.

So it's both a Spirit and cooperative endeavor in the work of God in Christ through God's people in this world.

What would you like to add to these thoughts?


nannykim said...

Being open to what God is doing...being in the stream....yes, I wonder how often I miss things--I was thinking today about the passage in I Corinthians 6 about us being "the temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you". When you meditate on this it blows the mind. I did wonder, how sensitive to Him, am I...I must quench Him a lot!!

Ted M. Gossard said...


You and me, both!

Yes, and while we individually are temples of God, the emphasis in those passages or overall is that we collectively as God's people are such (I think 1 Cor 3 off the top of my head right now- anyhow, as well as 2 Cor 7- again based on memory which can fool me).

Good for us to develop a senstivity toward how we may be quenching him, for sure!