Friday, May 08, 2009

loving the person

We all have issues. Sadly sometimes we lose fellowship with someone over them. It might be over a sin, or not, but our attitude because of it can become a sin. Perhaps it's over something we don't like about someone, an annoyance. It may or may not involve sin, but it gets to us, just the same.

I had one such problem recently and it came to me somehow, that I need to make a clear distinction between the person, and what I perceived to be a wrong attitude coming from them. After that thought came to me and I sought to do it, almost immediately, as God would have it, this person and I had a friendly conversation and it just seemed like a cloud had been lifted so that the sun was shining down on us and our relationship.

I find that I need to keep putting this in practice with something like the axiom in mind, "Hate the sin, but love the sinner." Or simply look over their faults and shortcomings, and see the person, as one like myself. One loved greatly by God. Having flaws and sins. But a person with whom relationship with, should be sacred, since we are made in God's image. And hopefully they will learn to cut for me the same slack.

What would you like to share here on this?


nannykim said...

Good point. It shows how important our attitude is when we are faced with certain people or circumstances that we may find difficult. It is important to handle our thoughts and feelings because these influence our responses. Our responses lead to our outer behavior. Our behavior then reflects our hearts (ie our motives, or our idols, or our God.)

Ps. Tell Deb I made the same supper on the same night as she planned to.

Another funny thing!!--I listened to that audio by Sharon from John 1 and when my husband and I were having family devotions (we listen to an audio that goes through the Bible in a year with OT and NT daily readings) I accidently brought up the page for May 8 instead of May 7 and I didn't realize it until the end! ANYWAYS--GUESS what the NT reading was??? The passage from John 1 that Sharon had been having us reflect on!!! That was a God wink for sure!

Diane said...


Another good post. I too often need to focus on the gifts a person brings and not the negatives. I've found that often that when I am focused on the flaw in person, for example, "she's much too pushy," I am helped when I remember and appreciate the flip side: she's a person who get so much done in my faith community. So often the "flaw" is just the human underside of the person's gift from God.

preacherman said...

You are stepping on my toes and encouraging me to do what I need to do to a friend or ex-friend because of sin. I need to love the person. NOt just that bt forgive. Ted thanks for your blog. I love it!

Lanny said...

In all circumstances I would say that this would hold true. The thing I would need to be careful on is what really is love and in a case of influences the likes of Luke 17:1-2 on those we may be responsible for, what should our actions be in individual cases.

But most often we are quick and grumpy with people when there really is no offense, temptation or danger present.

Anonymous said...

sometimes it is hard to see the Love through all the issues.

"kind of" like not seeing the forest for all the trees.

cut some slack. i like that.

Ted M. Gossard said...

Yes, you'd enjoy both Jack and Sharon. They are humble servants of Christ, very loving, real people.

Thanks. Yes, we can't allow ourselves to be led by our feelings, and hopefully we're in training in the Lord to unlearn a lot of that old which characterized our lives in Adam.

Yes, a good dish. Deb and I enjoyed that. She has been busy, so probably hasn't contacted you on that.

Ted M. Gossard said...

Great point. Yes, and the example you give is an apt one. We need to think of the strength or flip side of what may be bothering us, and always to look for the good. Thanks.

Ted M. Gossard said...

I guess what happens to me, and is applying to me ends up applying to others as well. Of course we know that we all need the truth of God given to us from Scripture, and in Jesus. Thanks again for you encouraging words.

Ted M. Gossard said...

Good thoughts. Yes, we need an ongoing senstivity to the true needs of others, as well as where they are at in their lives- what is needed for the time being.

Love is so much more than understood just from common grace. We need to see it in light of God's revelation to us in Jesus and from Scripture, of course, as you well know. And that's an ongoing endeavor. But to love God and our neighbor is at the heart of God's will for us, and that requires the working of God in our lives, and our ongoing walk of faith in Jesus, to seek to live that out.

And messy comes to mind. Life is not neat and tidy as we'd like it to be.

Ted M. Gossard said...

Thanks and good point! We can be so taken up with the offense, as I read from someone recently, "short sighted." And just look at that one entity. But fail to see it in the big picture, the scheme of things in God's kingdom work and story in Jesus.