Friday, February 17, 2006


Are we accessible? Certainly to one another. And to all people. We must be so, in loving our neighbor as ourself.

Accessibility means openness to help and be a friend. When one reads the gospel, one sees Jesus open to everyone: tax collectors and "sinners", as well as Pharisees and the like. Certainly with that comes vulnerability. If we're to be open with others, then that means an openness as to who we are. What we're all about. What makes us "tick".

How do I make myself accessible? Pray. We must not force ourselves on others. But we must give nonverbal and verbal communication to indicate that we are indeed accessible and open to be a friend and to help.

What's the first thing we do when they come? Listen. Listen. And listen some more. Pray while you're listening. Then share some. Not alot. Don't drown them in counsel. Give them something that, from interacting with them makes sense to them. Something that can help them answer the problem or question. If you don't have an answer don't force one. Just seek to be a help in whatever way you can.

To be accessible as those of the Jesus community, we must first be accessible to God. This comes by faith in Jesus. By confessing our sins. By praying the prayer that Jesus gave us ("Our Father..."). Then we seek to be accessible to those in the Jesus community. And those without.

Only to God are our lives completely open. To others we are open on various levels. But accessibility to others should include our whole selves, not just one part (like, our mind, thoughts, and not our resources like time or money).

Father, Let us have the goal of being accessible to all. Even to the ones who are hurtful towards us. To one and all. Let us show ourselves as truly your children. As we live before you as such. Amen.

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