Thursday, February 16, 2006

Update on Bob Robinson

Here is more recent news on Bob's condition. Keep going to Jesus Creed for any possible new developments.


stupidrx said...

what happens when you believe in God and Jesus Christ but cannot buy into the hypocricy and politics of one's "religion"?

Ted Gossard said...


Hello. Good question. On the surface I understand what you're saying, but there may be some content behind it that I'll be missing in trying to give you an answer.

We are all broken eikons. Eikon is from the Greek New Testament word that is translated "image" pertaining to us being made in God's image.

Thus, there is a measure of hypocrisy in us all, even for those who are Jesus followers. We often don't see it. But if we stop and consider, then we'll see that we don't measure up with what we say, in this or that. But to see such things is good for understanding where we need to grow.

As to an answer on the politics of one's religion, there again, I think we have to look past the sometimes poor, and broken representation of Christ, or of his followers. Remember, they were concerned at a certain point in the gospels, close to Jesus' death, about who was going to have prominent positions of leadership if God's kingdom. God wants better. But he works with people where they are. At the same time, we can pray and ask questions of those in leadership, when we have problems.

This may not be what you're getting at. But feel free to add some explanation. I'm short on time at the moment, but will look at your blog, if you have one.

Does that help at all?