Tuesday, February 14, 2006

N.T. Wright

You will notice on my links I include the N.T. Wright page. I was introduced to N.T. Wright by a pastor, Daryl Underwood. And his book, The Challenge of Jesus, revolutionized my theological understanding. Particularly with reference to the gospel. Though I haven't read all he has written (I do want to), I have found Wright to be a great and most interesting education by himself. Add to that some of the controversy that swirls around his writings, particularly from Reformed circles, and one is in for a most interesting time.

Though I have not bought into all he thinks as I understand it, "hook, line and sinker", there has been, for me, a revolution in my thinking that has changed my view of Jesus and the gospels, and from that Paul (he does work directly on Paul; see new posts at Jesus Creed on that), as well as the gospel message itself. And when this revolution was waning in me, along came Scot McKnight by his blog, Jesus Creed , to renew and get me on track, in that direction.

I had the pleasure of meeting N.T. (Tom) Wright, when he gave lectures, with questions and answers, through the book of Romans, on a snowy Saturday a few years back, at Calvin College. I had no intention of getting in line to meet him at the end, since so many people were doing so. I thought he is surely tired (not to mention, more or less, the rest of us). But friends I came with did stand in line. So finally I went up and had the pleasure of just shaking his hand and telling him what I honestly thought of his writings. How they had wonderfully impacted me. The warmth and grace in our exchange was something I'll never forget.

Tomorrow, I'll share some thoughts as to how Tom Wright's writing has impacted my view of the gospel. I'm certainly a long ways from being any kind of N.T. Wright authority. But I have found much in his basic premises to be compelling. And helpful in seeing how this gospel is to impact us, and impact the world.


Rick said...

Dear Ted,

Tom Wright has certainly caught on with many folks particularly in the evangelical circles.

If you like Wrtight's perspective on Paul and Paul's influence on the early Christian community, you may like E.P. Sanders former professor at Duke. He was/is one of the leading scholars on Paul and Wright is greatly influenced by Sanders.

I encourage you to look at Wright's bibliography for more sources.

All the best,


Ted Gossard said...

Rick, Thanks. It would be good for me to read Sanders. I get Wright's take on him and with that comes some of his writing- a bit, in the reading i've done so far. It does seem he was important in beginning this discussion in "the New Perspective".