Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Scot McKnight at Jesus Creed has an interesting post on humility. I concur with what Scot is saying there.

Humility has been made to look like it has an obvious appearance and personality. Often like a self-deprecation that borders on self-hate. Or a false comparison of one's self with others; saying that others are better. Something obvious.

But surely humility is not that easily seen. Humility is a trait of those who simply accept who they are. And deeper humility understands more of the depths of one's self- good and bad, as well as understanding more and more the greatness and goodness of God.

Humility is able to see how one fits into the big picture. Not thinking too highly of where one fits nor thinking too low. Humility is quick to see the good and contribution of others.

Humility at its base has to do with identity. Self-identity. Knowing God. Respecting and appreciating others.

We get this identity from reading Scripture. From responding to Jesus' call on us. From seeking to follow Jesus in all of life as part of his community.

Humility accepts God's appraisal of us. Good and bad. We're made in his image; fearfully and wonderfully made. Yet we're fallen and apart from grace, sinners. And in grace, at times sinful.

But above all, by faith in Jesus we're God's children. A new creation. In his very family. Quite humbling indeed in the sense of awe and wonder. And we reach out to bring others in, whom God loves and are his children by creation.

God, Let us be humble. Let us humble ourselves when needed. And walk humbly in your grace and presence. Amen.

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