Monday, February 13, 2006


Perspective, in a certain sense, is everything. Without it we are lost in a lost world. We as humans are certainly limited in all things, including perspective. We don't merely look at things objectively, whatever that means. We look at them subjectively, i.e., according to our take on them, how they fit in our view of things.

The only One who sees all "objectively", i.e., what anything and all things are, and where anything and all things fit, is God. God sees how everything fits into the picture, i.e., his Story. It's important for us to quit trying to figure everything out. Instead we need to give everything over to the One who knows all. And can work in what is bad for good.

How do I fit in God's Story? A good question. But do we need to know the answer? Joseph did seem to have a clear answer as to why he was exiled by his brothers to Egypt, which would surely include all he went through in preparation for the task God had for him. But Job, as to his experience in losing his children surely could not say the same. Certainly Job had a new perspective on himself and God. But beyond that there surely hangs a kind of mystery over his life. Albeit the profound wisdom he was enable to impart to others which continues for us today in that book.

As humans we do need perspective. This comes to us, in God's Story, in Scripture. And as we open up Scripture, I think it comes to us in terms of identity. Identity of ourselves, of God, of others and of the world. Scripture, God's Story enables us to see the real world, with real people, encountering a real God. Not with easy, pat answers. But with a life-changing view, that accepts the limitations we have, and the God who alone authors, and knows where each and every one of us fits in his Story.

God. Help us, as we start a new week, to have a fresh perspective from you. Realizing that you alone know all things. We are limited. Let us accept that we can trust you always. Knowing that, in the midst of our not knowing. Amen.


John Frye said...

You presented some intriguing thoughts here. Thanks. I think it was Eugene Peterson who said that we live by story, not by principles and steps and formulas.

Ted Gossard said...

Yes. Thanks John. I never get excited when I hear someone say, as they're teaching from Scripture, something like this, "Now there's a formula here for us." I have found story to be so much more powerful and true to Scripture and life.

Thanks for your thought and kind word.