Saturday, April 07, 2007


Burial carries a kind of finality to it, at least the end of something such as a human life. We reflect on the person's life at a funeral. Then we might stand at the gravesite to support those or as one of those who symbolically are saying their last goodbyes for now, anyhow.

For those following Jesus it was a crushing blow. To those who had forsaken all to follow it seemed inexplicable. What would they do now? Where would they turn? Once this dark cloud blew over surely they'd return to things as they had been. But didn't Jesus say that on the third day he would be raised to life?

We learn from the resurrection accounts that Jesus's followers were not holding their breath in expectation of anything out of the ordinary. The men were in hiding for fear of the Jewish leaders. And the women were going to go about the business of paying final respect and expressions of love to Jesus.

Burial. What does this mean in our lives? It means death, death to all of the old in Adam. But it thankfully doesn't in there in Jesus. Life is to come, and it's just around the corner. In Jesus it is already here. Though that was not known by Jesus's followers that Sabbath day.

Burial. What does that mean for you?


David Kimball said...

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Ted Gossard said...

David, Interesting. Thanks.

While I believe God has his people in the Latter Day Saint movement, I do not see them as a part of orthodox Christianity, and the vast majority of their bodies and them would agree.

I believe they bring in some strange teachings which are not Scriptural/Biblical (as in from Genesis through Revelation).

Thanks for your kind words.