Monday, April 02, 2007

focus and vision

One of the most important aspects of life is learning to keep our focus. This involves having a vision to begin with, and for us as Christians, that vision is to come from God in Christ. Having a vision involves keeping it and building on it.

I remember N.T. Wright writing that one of the reasons Christianity can seem so anemic and is hardly life changing it seems for many Christians is that their/our vision of Jesus is/can be domesticated and removed from the Jesus we read of in the gospels. And for N.T. Wright this involves a study of the time Jesus lived in, so that we can better understand what he was up against in fulfilling his vocation as he had received it from God.

I think these special times such as Holy Week can be helpful in renewing, invigorating and making clearer and more distinct our vision. But I think it's over the long haul and by living life with the work of God by the Spirit and the Word in community with others, in that mix is where we really learn focus and improve our vision. That takes time as well as effort on our part. And above all trust, that God is at work and faithful as we seek to follow.

Keep reading through Scripture. Learn to identify with people in it both in stories and in what is written. See all of it as part of the Story of God, knowing that this Story is ongoing. We are part of it. May God help us to have and keep our focus and vision in Christ as we live in mission in this world.

What comes to your mind in considering focus and vision?


andre said...

Both vision and focus are stimulated when we see the glory of the story of God, which is essentially the gospel.

The thought that we are recipients and participants of such grace is amazing.

Ted Gossard said...

Thanks Andre for your good words here.

I am looking for renewed focus and vision. Don't know altogether if I should be doing so. Maybe it's just a byproduct of faith and of following. Maybe we're too concerned, at times, with the experience we have (or lack), rather than the work of God in and through us. Don't know, just asking. But I think so.