Tuesday, April 03, 2007

a new/renewed vision of Jesus

Who is Jesus? What is he all about? These are important questions for us to ask and easy answers don't exist. It's not enough to simply quote Scripture, though I believe that's where we need to begin (in Scripture).

A large portion of the gospels surround the chronological time surrounding what we call "Holy Week". This is at the heart of what Jesus came to accomplish. He demonstrated it prior to that, in deed and word. But when all is said and done, he then finished the work that he had to do and God vindicated him in that by the resurrection.

Because of what he has accomplished we are given new life and a mission to bring that accomplishment to bear on fallen humanity and fallen creation. Of course we ourselves are included in this endeavor; we must see to ourselves if we're to help others. We are thus involved in what Tom Wright calls "the new creation project".

As we learn to share in this ministry of our Lord, we more and more come to know him and his heart in God and for the world. This has become more evident to me recently, though at the moment I am overcome with so many problems hitting us at the same time. Though I don't want to see these as problems as much as opportunities for Christ to do his new creation work through us his people, the church.

I hope we can take some time this "Holy Week" to try to get a life impacting glimpse, anew and afresh of Jesus and his way. We then need to seek to follow him in that, seeking to bring others along with us. And we help others to follow Jesus by seeking to follow him well, ourselves.

What helps you grow in your vision of our Lord?


L.L. Barkat said...

Believe it or not, unforgiveness. I was on the other side of it this week, and suddenly, overwhelmingly, painfully, I felt so thankful that Jesus showed me amazing grace... despite all my foibles and failures.

John Frye said...

I love your phrase "life impacting glimpse" of Jesus. I pray, too, that you will see the opportunities in your current struggles. God bless you. He is risen, indeed!

Desert Pilgrim said...

Praying the Scripture. Just gazing on Him. Have been contemplating the verses on Holy Week from all four Gospels. Your blog is a great blessing.

Ted Gossard said...

L.L., Praise the Lord! We're all there probably more often than we think. Thanks for sharing that. His grace keeps us keeping on. As the Psalmist says, "But with you there is forgiveness. Therefore you are feared." (something like that)

Ted Gossard said...

Thanks so much, John. Great to hear from you! Blessings on you as well. And yes, He is risen, indeed!

Ted Gossard said...

Desert Pilgrim, Great to hear from you again. Thanks so much for your gracious words. And for sharing with us what helps you grow in your vision of the Lord. I'm learning to at least speak more of the Scriptures and that seems to spur me on to prayer at times. I look forward to reading your blog again as I notice you have a new posting.