Tuesday, December 23, 2008


For people like Mary, Joseph, Simeon, Anna and the Magi there was anticipation over someone special to be born. They were given enough details in prophecies and signs from God to know that this one to be born was extra special. But they did not know all the ways. Nor the way in which he would be special. Except as God gave it to them as it unfolded before their eyes.

We live as humans keen on anticipation. We're generally looking forward to something, or someone. We live with this sense, and when it is weak or gone it is not good, for this is part of our humanity, to look forward to something better, to live in hope, really a gift from God.

But what is our hope set on? Is it set on something or some things outside the boundary of God's revealed will? Is it set on things that are of less importance so that what is most important is no longer in sight (all things in their good place of course)? And what about this Christmas? How does our celebration of that reflect the anticipation that we actually do have?

Like those people of old, may we by grace have our hearts set in anticipation on the coming of our Lord Jesus. As we celebrate his special coming to earth as a little baby, God become human for our salvation and for the salvation of the world, may our hearts and minds be drawn out in anticipation of Jesus, and of God's good work through Jesus in the world, creation and in our own lives. And may we be open along the way to all that means as this salvation unfolds before us. That we may live in it, indeed in Jesus.

What would you like to add to this?


Bob said...

Hi Ted,

It’s “funny” that you touch on this!! I was thinking about this in the past few weeks on the Lord giving birth to some of my own desires and different movements of the Spirit in my own heart. Being more aware of the Lord in my everyday life.

Were Simeon, Mary and Anna looking for salvation from their present oppressors or something in the future. It seems like they were looking for someone to set up the Davidic kingdom within their own lifetimes. Now I have to dive into a couple of Lukan commentaries.

Have a Merry Christmas, Ted

Anonymous said...

when i am in a very hard place i am focused on needing Jesus in the moment.
when i am in a slightly hard place i am focused more on needing Jesus and in living the relationship.
when i am in a good place i am more focused on the life around me, how i fit into that life as a believer, and in His coming again...so at that point i need to be aware of taking time to remember how much i need Jesus and to have my thoughts go into relating with Jesus within all of input that is around me in living.

i need Jesus every moment to see me through this life, i look forward to Him being with mee in every moment, every "now" that comes to my life here on earth, until time is no more the way that i know it, and i can be with Him always.

i need hope
i need faith
i need Love
from my God in Jesus
every moment
i need God's grace upon me

without Jesus
there would be no hope

celebrate when you are able
and however you are called
in that moment
in Jesus

Ted M. Gossard said...

I think all you say is right here, from what I've read. I do think that God's people are given from God a sense of something greater to come that begins now, but to which they're heading. Just seems like God doesn't take the edge off anticipation for us in this life, does it?

Blessed and merry Christmas to you and yours as well, Bob.

Ted M. Gossard said...

Amen, Nancy. Jesus is what by the Spirit binds us together in him. We all need him like you say, in those ways. And we need him together, in this sad world, to bring in God all that comes from God's kingdom coming in him.