Saturday, December 06, 2008

don't do what I do

I've been told by some (not my wife, thankfully) that I read too much. Maybe they have a point and perhaps not related to my reading, but more about my life. And I need to be sensitive to that possibility (and I think I actually have, though at the same time increasing my reading), and seek to grow in God's will for me in Jesus through it.

But my point here is that as human beings, and as those in Jesus we're not to think that we have to do exactly what someone else is doing. In fact we need to find our niche and live and grow in that.

There's all kinds of dangers in saying this. I can easily settle into a lifestyle devoid of really getting to know people and just do what I like to do. I love to read and read and then read some more. But I find that I'm not satisfied unless the content of that reading becomes active in some way in my life and in the world of people. Of course being in Scripture activates us in Jesus by faith into prayer and works of love.

How we live out the faith will agree in general terms, but how we express our faith and love will differ. We're to live as those following Jesus, in the way of Jesus and in Jesus who is the Way. But how I do that and how someone else does that will differ just as much as we are different people with different gifts.

In this we often and generally do as others do in Jesus, yet the expression of how we do that varies as we seek together to follow God's will for us in Jesus in this world.

Do you track with me?


Allan R. Bevere said...


I have told that I read too much as well.

If that is a vice, I suppose, in this case, that a vice might be a virtue.

Lanny said...

Track with you? Shhh I'm reading.

But yes, do we really think Paul expected carbon copies of himself when he said "follow me as I follow Christ"?

If our reading causes us to be neglectful of things we are to do then I suppose our friends have a point. (spouses would be front line on that discernment eh?)

We cannot all do the same things. That would not be very good stewardship of our gifts. I certainly do not expect others to read as much or talk as much as I do. For crying out loud who would there be then to make my coffee and listen to what I thought of my readings!

Hey I dug out the post I spoke of the other day, dusted it off, fluffed it up and reposted it. Have a gander, while it is girl oriented, you might know some who could use a different perspective. Have a good Sunday.

Ted M. Gossard said...

Yes. I think reading more would be good for everyone, generally speaking. I think I should read far more than I do, as I often fall asleep in the midst of it, though am doing better with a pen in hand to keep my eyes moving, and classical music on in the background. But many don't know what they're missing.

Ted M. Gossard said...

haha, Lanny. Yeah. I like all you say here, and particularly about the stewardship aspect. Each of our gifts are important for the whole in what God through Jesus is doing in this world.

I'll have to check that post out. We need all different perspectives, especially those we've somehow neglected or relegated to some secondary status for whatever reasons. And we need more good coffee, as well. Especially in this cold.

Anonymous said...

thinking of others can often lead to comparison. and if we can accept more differences that do not matter so much and see that everyone is made very similar but still a unique and one of a kind creation then we can see our selves and others in a better light.

Ted M. Gossard said...

I agree. And we need grace to overlook faults in each other as well. Or perceived faults.

But it does us much good to find that special gift in each of us. We need to see where people excel. As many different gifts as there are people and snowflakes, for sure.