Thursday, December 04, 2008

finding our place

In rereading again, Scot McKnight's great book, The Real Mary, I am reminded of how Mary had to find her place in God's Story, and how it wasn't like she had thought it would be, after she had received the wonderful, earth shaking news about the son she was to bear.

How true this is for us, even if not at all carrying the same burden Mary carried. We too have to unlearn many false conceptions we have about what we believe. And learn the way of Jesus in following him as Lord. It's a day to day, over time proposition. Like in Mary's life, it unfolds over time, and we do well to seek to be true followers each day, to grow in being apprentices before God in Jesus by the Spirit in community for mission, in the way God calls us to.

I am being helped much as God takes me through some trials, mostly little really, but in ways to help me grow in Jesus. Thanks for your prayers, as indicated in the post a couple days back. For which I wasn't looking, but of course we're all glad to receive such.

What might you like to add about finding our place?


Lanny said...

I don't know what Mcknight wrote about Mary. For me Mary was very instrumental in my finding my place and being truly content here in it. Not resigned but content. You can read her impact on me in a post I did a while back, "Something From A Few Nights Ago" a June 5th,2008 post.

I pray that you and yours are doing well.

The Wingnut said...

Finding your place means learning to be content where God has placed you, and yet at the same time, striving with all you are worth to place yourself closer to God.

I remember Erwin McManus saying one time that in the search to find God's will for our life, we have completely missed the fact that we are created to give our life for God's will.

I have found in my own life that my place isn't what I thought it would be, and yet here I am, with everything I am. And I hold that in tension with the knowledge that there is more out there for God through me.

I have not read any McKnight yet, but I keep hearing great things about his writing. I guess that means I'll end up with his books sooner or later!


Ted M. Gossard said...


I look forward to reading that, and will comment when I do. But you'd love that book by Scot, honestly. It is quite provocative, and I think we all find ourselves in some key ways, in Mary's shoes. But glad to hear of her impact on you.

Ted M. Gossard said...

You'll love his writings. Read "The Blue Parakeet" and "The Real Mary" just for starts- my thought here.

I really like that thought from McManus. Like we're missing the point, too much what my life has been all about.

I can concur with much of what you share from your own life. Seems like this is much in the way of the Lord's working.

Anonymous said...

i for one am continuing to relearn things. i must say that the process is often emotionaly painful yet full of joy at times. bittersweet.

sometimes i feel like i am stuck in one place and at the same time never reaching a place where it is time to rest from all of the change. like there is always something just beyond me that i am never reaching.

i have had thoughts along these lines lately. it seems i am going through some things with expectations in marriage, food, and self image...and attitude and habit adjustments.

sometimes i just need some time to myself...which i have not had for awhile.

i think we all need to start with a base of being appreciated and loved, and to like our selves. and i do not always feel that way with my husband and my youngest daughter. so, there is a lot of work to do be done in me with hurt and anger and attitude.

if i have a place, i certainly am not aware of it, and i am not feeling at home in it.

but, God is not done with me yet, and i have hope that i can run a little longer and farther between attitude adjustments.

Ted M. Gossard said...

I hear you sister, and will be praying for you. Thanks for sharing. It really is difficult when it just seems we have no place where we really fit as in being at home in this world.