Saturday, December 20, 2008

recent pics

Our granddaughter, Morgan.
Our daughter, Tiffany, looks on, as Deb enjoys some fun with Morgan.
She's a smiler.

What I was greeted with this morning, at the entrance to our driveway, after the snow plow and the sidewalk plow, as well, had made their way through during the night. Over an hour of shoveling heavy snow and ice, and I had begun shovelling when I got my wits to take some pics of it.

Pictures from our anniversary trip to the dunes in southwest Michigan. Even though it was the weekend of October 12, most of it was quite warm. The dunes were a highlight, as well as finding this little church and immensely enjoying the service, that Sunday morning.


Lanny said...

Babies are absolutely the best. I'm not a big fan of "Christmas is for the kids", but a baby is very fun at Christmas, well anytime of the year really.

I can't imagine having a snow plow go down my street. I live on a main highway and would be shocked to see a snow plow go down it. Sand truck yes, snow plow not so much.

Ted M. Gossard said...

I had to add the sidewalk plow or whatever they call it. Like a tractor, haven't seen it for awhile. Does a nice job on the sidewalks but makes more work as well, but nothing compared to what the street snow truck plow (or whatever you call that) leaves! And we have a new winter storm this morning, but at least what I just shoveled was fluffy, light weight snow.

Yes, Morgan is a joy for sure.

Anonymous said...

morgan is a bright eyed delight.

that is ONE huge bit of snow to shovel! i wonder where you put it all. we actually got some snow this week, we do not always get snow here in the valley, but, mainly on the hills and mountains on either side. even the beach got some snow this time.

the trip to the dunes sounds lovely.

nice sharing in this post.

Ted M. Gossard said...

Thanks. Yes, Morgan is a lot of fun and very much into life.

As for the snow, this is more snow that I can remember seeing since being a boy. The blizzard of 78 and earlier winters come to mind. I'm actually getting to the place where it is hard to know where to put all the snow. And I mean up and down our driveway, as well as at the road and sidewalks (which is worse). It's really piling up.

This morning another new winter storm of lake effect snow hit us, canceling most of our churches (including one that hardly ever cancels)including our own (which is pretty hardy, too). We don't look forward to getting back in it, as it's slippery on the streets here, white-out at times and just snow everywhere- a lot of wind and drifting- windy. Deb had a hard time getting back from working last night.

But sounds quite pretty where you live. Oregon is a lovely state from all I've seen and heard. Hopefully you folks can just enjoy a little white.

Mama K said...

I guess I must live across town from you, and I do understand about the snow! We shoveled a foot out of the drive yesterday and today it's almost that deep again... a good 8-10 inches in the driveway now. And... I hear on the news that another storm is making its way here! Well, we will surely have a White Christmas This year! (-:

Morgan is adorable!

Ted M. Gossard said...

Mama K,
Thanks! Yes, it is quite cold on top of that, and with the wind. Not looking forward to having to make our way again through this weather, as Deb has to tonight. I'll be shoveling a lot more, I'm sure. Certainly a white Christmas; glad to hear no white coming down on that day, they're saying. Hope you and yours stay safe.