Wednesday, December 17, 2008

God with us

This Advent season we celebrate the coming and birth of God-with-us, Emmanuel, in Jesus. This was striking to me yesterday at work. Started out as an ordinary day. But ended up extraordinary as it wasn't just me and my friend working together, but actually three of us. God was surely with us.

God makes his Presence and Reality known in the Person of Jesus. He continues to do this today by the Spirit. When this happens all is touched with a sense of God's Presence. It may look the same, but it isn't. Every child of God through faith in Jesus knows what I speak of here. It's just that yesterday it was unusually palpable to me, or at least I sensed the reality of it. It certainly added a joy and charm to the day.

Later on I struggled over some anxiety issue, which I later overcame, but in so struggling I lost that sense of the Lord's Presence, even though he certainly was and always still is present with us. It is wonderful though, especially in company with another believer, to know something of the Lord's Presence with us, God with us in Jesus.

Maybe you would like to share something about this from your own life. Or any thoughts.


Anonymous said...

was God palpable to you beyond your normal human senses? more in a way that is beyond explanation in words? more in the heart and spirit? then i think i know what you mean.

Lanny said...

I love those palpable times. I love when you find the syncronicity that often accompanies those times. A reality much more real than the one presumed to be.

Ted M. Gossard said...

Yes. And amen.

Ted M. Gossard said...

Yes. It does seem things become more related to each other, and really all is clearer than it would seem. But all this in a relational sense with the one you are around and God.